Natural Disasters

Disaster Kleenup Specialists provides many cleanup services after a natural disaster.

Damaged House from Tree

Natural Disaster Cleanup

Natural disasters can cause massive damage.  Standing water, moisture, mud and mildew are common problems faced by homeowners and business owners in the aftermath of a storm. Disaster Kleenup Specialists have been helping people affected by natural disasters in Monterey, San Benito, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties for the past 30 years. Fast Response After a storm or other natural disaster, it is important to attend to water damage immediately because mold and toxins accumulate quickly. When water damage is [...]


Earthquake Repair

An earthquake can strike anytime, anywhere without warning. Are you prepared? Perhaps you have already prepared for what to do during an earthquake. Maybe you already have an emergency plan in place, a survival kit ready and you have drilled your family on how to survive during a quake and after the shaking stops. Have you thought about what you will do with your home in the aftermath? If your home or business suffers damage and destruction due to an [...]

Mudslide Cleanup Monterey

Mudslide Cleanup

Many homes throughout California are prone to mudslides and water damage. A mudslide can be devastating to any home. Heavy rains and unstable hillsides are a dangerous mixture, causing mud and debris to flood into homes.  Mudslides cause damage to flooring, walls and even the very structure of building. Knowing where to begin is difficult. Disaster Kleenup Specialists are mudslide clean up experts. We are a full service restoration company that performs professional mudslide clean up throughout Monterey County. [...]