California Wildfire Prep

California Wildfire Preparation Tips

At Disaster Kleenup Specialists, serving the Monterey, CA area, we’ve put together a list of California wildfire preparation tips to protect you, your family, and your property. We can help you repair and restore your home after a fire strikes, but there are several things you can do beforehand to protect your home and family. Knowing a bit about how California fires behave and dedicating time to home preparation can save you a lot of stress when disaster comes.

California’s Fire Seasons

California has two distinct fire seasons, and they follow different fire patterns. All Californians are familiar with the Santa Ana season and its dry, autumn winds. These fires mostly affect coastal areas, making them dangerous to people. They also burn incredibly fast; a 2015 study by the University of California found that Santa Ana fires often cause half of their total damage within the first day.

On the other hand, summer fires mostly occur in the remote wilderness. Warm temperatures and droughts dry out plant debris, creating the perfect kindling for a stray spark. Don’t be fooled by their remote origins. These forest fires can and do reach inhabited areas, no matter where you live in the state.

How You Can Prepare For A Wildfire

  • So how do you protect yourself, your family and your house from wildfires? Here are some preparation tips that you can start working on today.
  • Fireproof your house. Cal Fire provides an extensive checklist for fireproofing both the outside and inside of your home.
  • Pack a backpack full of emergency supplies for every person. Keep them easily accessible so you can grab and go.
  • Store three days’ supply of water and non-perishable food for every person (and pet) in a plastic bin.
  • Create an evacuation plan checklist. Cal Fire provides a detailed one that you can add to and modify based on your community and family’s needs.
  • Create a family communication plan to keep everyone informed and coordinated.
  • If you have pets, make a plan specifically for them. Keep in mind that some shelters may not allow animals so know where you’ll take them before you have to evacuate.
  • Always keep a pair of sturdy shoes and a flashlight by your bed in case you have to evacuate at night.
  • During red flag warnings, keep a set of evacuation clothes on hand: long pants, long-sleeved shirt, sturdy closed-toe shoes, and a hat or bandana for your head.

Here To Help When Disaster Strikes

Although we hope these California wildfire preparation tips have given you a place to start, following all of the safety and wildfire prevention tips available doesn’t make you immune to disaster. If the unfortunate does happen, call us at Disaster Kleenup Specialists.

We have served the Monterey area for over 30 years, and we’re available whenever you need us — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Add us to your disaster response plan and browse our website to learn more about the services we offer.

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