Emergency Response Program

Emergency Response ProgramA critical part of any disaster plan is the emergency response portion. During our emergency response in Monterey we are pleased to offer our expertise in this important area as a value-added service. This program allows us to have timely information that assists all parties and allows you to manage the process more effectively.

Emergency Response Process

Disaster Kleenup Specialists has implemented an ERP plan to assist government entities, housing association managers, businesses and property managers. We all know how important good planning is in reducing the impact of a loss.

By pre-registering your business or facility, we have the vital information needed to respond to your disaster quickly. If disaster strikes, all you have to do is reference your ERP Number and our Emergency Service personnel are immediately dispatched. We know that disasters don’t pay attention to the time of day, that is why we have our Emergency Service Managers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For this service, no prepayment is necessary.

We are linked to a network of the largest inventory of emergency and restoration specialized service providers in the USA and Canada as members of Disaster Kleenup International.

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Emergency Response Program CAWhether you are a property owner, property manager, hotel manager, or a school district superintendent, our Emergency Response Program will help you and your staff be prepared for any type of emergency.

Fire damage, water damage, earthquake and other natural disasters are our specialty. Please contact us if you would like to discuss becoming a member of this complimentary program.

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