Disaster Kleenup Specialists offers environmental disaster cleanup services.


Oil Spill Clean Up

As residents and business owners in the Monterey California area, you can rely on the emergency cleanup services from Disaster Kleenup Specialists for any size oil spill. Whether the spill is in your basement, garage, or business facility, it’s integral that this flammable substance is cleaned thoroughly, appropriately and in a timely fashion. We're here to help. The Dangers & Damages Of Oil Spills Oil spill accidents happen anywhere that cars or heating oils are handled. These substances are considered hazardous [...]

Rodent Waste Removal

Rodent Waste Removal

Rodent cleanup and waste removal requires a team of experienced technicians. Homeowners and business owners in the Monterey, California region can count on Disaster Kleenup Specialists to inspect, disinfect, and remove all rodent waste, nest remains, and feces from your home or business. Don't let the aftermath of these furry pests contaminate your home with diseases, contact us today. Rodent Waste Must Be Cleaned Up With Caution After you’ve gotten rid of the critter population, the next step is to contact [...]

Radon Clean Up Monterey

Radon Removal

For Radon removal in Monterey, CA, contact the professionals at Disaster Kleen Specialists. The quality of the air we breathe in our homes and offices is crucial to the overall health of residents and employees. Even though radon is a naturally occurring gas that is released from the earth's surface, exposure is no laughing matter. With over 30 years of experience as certified disaster specialists in California, Disaster Kleenup Specialists would like to share with you the main reasons it's important [...]

Meth Lab Cleanup Monterey

Meth Lab Cleanup

If you're in need of meth lab clean up services in Monterey, California or the surrounding areas, contact Disaster Kleenup Specialists today. Clandestine labs, buildings where hazardous chemicals are used to cook methamphetamine, leave behind dangerous residues that can be a significant health risk. These labs can be quickly made and have been found in such locations as hotel & motel rooms, apartments, restaurants, retail stores, campgrounds, businesses, and privately owned vehicles. The only way to properly disinfect the contaminated home [...]

Home Sanitation

Sanitizing & Disinfecting Your Home

The home sanitizing experts at Disaster Kleen Specialists in Monterey can disinfect and clean your home creating a healthier living environment for your whole family. Having served the California’s Central Coast regions for almost four decades, we are the #1 trusted professional residential cleaning service available for all of your property cleaning emergencies or annual service needs. Rest assured knowing your property is free of water damage, mold, and any other contamination related to fires, floods, or storms. Don’t Procrastinate [...]

Toxic Cleanup

Toxic Material Cleanup & Removal

When the presence of toxic material threatens your health and that of your family or employees, Disaster Kleenup Specialists in Monterey, California, has the expertise and experience to provide your home or commercial building with toxic material cleanup. What Are Toxic Materials? Chemicals that can poison you or cause serious health problems are referred to as toxic substances. Toxic waste, also known as hazardous waste, consists of waste materials that have been discarded or leaked into our environment, polluting our atmosphere [...]

Disaster Kleenup Specialists

Personal Property Pack Out, Inventory & Storage

When you are overwhelmed because your personal or business belongings have been damaged by a natural disaster, smoke, water, or mold, Disaster Kleenup Specialists of Monterey is ready to step in with personal property pack out, inventory, and storage. We work quickly to take stock of the damage and protect your business items or personal property. Immediate Attention After A Disaster Cleanup and restoration of personal property starts with immediate action after a fire, flood, or other hazard. Your personal items [...]

Pack Out Truck

Protecting Valuables After A Disaster

Disaster Kleenup Specialists in Monterey, California is your go-to team for protecting valuables after a disaster. We know that the aftermath of an earthquake, fire, or flood can be devastating, threatening the loss of your most precious and valuable possessions. We can be on the spot immediately to protect and preserve your personal items and property. Preparing for a Disaster You have made sure you have adequate insurance to cover your property and personal belongings, and you have prepared an inventory [...]

Sink and Toilet Overflow

Sink & Toilet Overflow

When you find yourself the sudden victim of a wet mess from sink and toilet overflow, you can rely on the professionals at Disaster Kleenup Specialists in Monterey, California. Quick action is vital when it comes to water overflow cleanup, especially when you're dealing with potentially contaminated water. We're a premier full-service restoration company that has helped residents of California recover from household disasters for over 30 years. Entrust your home and your health to the best. Take Immediate Action If [...]

Healthcare Building Restoration

Healthcare Building Restoration

If you are looking for healthcare building restoration in the Monterey, CA, Disaster Kleenup Specialists can help. Restoring your medical or healthcare facility to full function after flooding, fire, or wind damage is an exceptionally complex task. It requires the cooperation of many construction and equipment providers, including professionals trained in medical building restoration. We have the experience and reputation needed to make things happen quickly and smoothly. Professional Medical Building Repair Disaster Kleenup Specialists is licensed and certified to expertly [...]