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Community Corner: Iron Republic

Seth FeaturedDisaster Kleenup Specialists CEO, Theresa Ream Talks with Iron Republic Owner, Seth Munsey About How to Positively Change Lives, Including His Own.

Four years ago, I walked into Iron Republic; back then it was a gym. I was terrified. I had not worked out in 30 years.  I was weak, out of shape and did not move well.  I was there because a friend had invited me for ‘bring a guest day.’

You know how it goes on guest day, gyms always parade out the big guns.  I figured the owner would have big muscles and a tight tee shirt.  In my head, I thought, ‘this guy is going to be disappointed. I’m stiff and flabby.’

Then, I met Seth Munsey who owns Iron Republic.  No tight muscle tee, but Seth bursts at the seams with kindness.  That day, he was careful, making sure I didn’t hurt myself.  He is a comfortable person to be with, very unassuming.

After a few months working out at Iron Republic I gained the muscle tone and the confidence to go to Karate class. Then a dance class, archery, kayaking, kickboxing.

Being athletic and active helped me find new energy. I became more confident and curious. In fact, Seth, and his Iron Republic approach, was a catalyst that changed everything in my life!

As CEO of Disaster Kleenup Specialists, I connect with other business executives and owners on a regular basis.  It is always fascinating to learn  what drives leaders in our community and where our values connect. This is what Iron Republic Owner, Seth Munsey had to say about his business philosophy.

Seth VerticalYou believe in shorter workouts.  Why?

I create workouts efficient workouts so people can live life strong.

Good health is about showing up consistently and moving your body. It’s about how you live your life. It’s about the freedom of movement and confidence in your body. That is my training philosophy.

Good health is not about looking good. It’s not about the pounds and the inches. Those factors are just the benefits of good health. Being able to move and have strength is what will gets you through life more enjoyably.

You work with a lot of different kinds of folks.  What have they taught you?

My biggest business ‘ah ha’ is that I must have empathy.

Each of us is on our own journey, in a unique body. My heart allows me to listen, get to know each person I work with, and gain an understanding of their specific challenges. My mind, with all of its education and experience, allows me to act as a guide using fitness, encouragement and support to empower my clients.

What are your priorities right now?

My family is my priority.  I’m passionately in love with my wife, and we have two amazing daughters.  Spending time with them is number one.

It’s so important that I have pivoted in my business.  I’ve always told clients that I think it’s important not to spend too much time at the gym.  I had to follow my own advice.

I restructured Iron Republic to better match my training philosophy and align with my priorities. It’s a three-way win. My clients are getting highly personalized workouts. We use technology to stay in touch, and that keeps things pretty affordable for them. The business is healthier because I shed some of overhead. Now, my family sees me a lot more.  Everyone wins!

You’ve really changed things up.  How does the new Iron Republic work?

The way we live and function has changed a lot in the last decade.  Remember when you only read emails at a computer, there was no such thing as Facebook, and if someone said app they were talking about a job application?

Boundaries about how we spend our time have become more flexible.  With this, a new need has emerged.   In our on-demand society, people need fitness that works on their time.  It’s why I moved Iron Republic to the digital space, and deliver personal appointments that match each client’s schedule.

Seth ClassIron Republic works in a few ways:

1. One-on-one training, designed with precision for your body, lifestyle and preferences.  We provide customized work outs through the Iron Republic training app.  Through the app, we can follow up with motivators and support that we know work for you.  We also have an invitation-only Facebook group.  It’s very encouraging and we plan some free group activities to bring that social aspect into the exercise mix.

2. Semi private coaching is a great way to share fitness with one or two friends.  We offer training for up to three people.  We provide workouts to our clients via the Iron Republic app, and all participants are also included in our Facebook community, so they have access to all the good stuff.

3. Habit coaching sessions have been a popular request from many of our clients.  On May 1st, I’m kicking off Iron Republic’s first habit coaching series.  For 28-days we will focus on developing four key habits that enhance your productivity, health and overall wellness.  The series is offered online so that you can take it on your time, and at a pace that fits your lifestyle.

If you had two uninterrupted hours each morning what tasks you would do to start your day?

My perfect morning routine would be getting up at 5am, doing at least
15 minutes of meditation, then maybe 20- 30 minutes of movement, then I would write for 30 minutes. Then, time with my daughters.

Do you have a life changing book?

The book that had the biggest impact is Start with Why by Simon Sinek.  It’s about asking the why behind everything you do.

Apple started with why to create an iPod that puts 10,000 songs in your pocket. Harley Davidson, knows that its why is not a motorcycle but a way of life.  It’s why people tattoo Harley Davidson name on their bodies and wear the brand of clothes. My why for Iron Republic is about movement and living life strong.

What do you love about your life?

I love that I live a life with a mindset of abundance and creativity. I have never known what was going to happen, I just jumped in and took chances. I have never played it safe. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t! I am dedicated to creating my own path in life.

One of my favorite quotes is by Joseph Campbell.  He said, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures you seek.”

Fear stops us from our dreams. I won’t let that happen.

What is your  self-improvement formula?

I am very open and curious about everything, including myself. I want to learn about so many things. Why I do things. Why I believe the things I believe. What shapes my actions. I read a lot and listen to audio books. The most important thing is to know thy self.

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