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Community Spotlight: Bob Estrada


Introducing Robert Estrada a proud PWN member and supporter and the owner of Estrada & Associates Brokerage Firm.

Robert started his career in the Financial Services industry in 1975 and in 1983 he created Estrada and Associates brokerage firm. Bob’s firm specializes in retirement Panning and Estate Preservation Strategies that currently serve over 2800 Clients across the nation.

I love his motto which is: Be among the well prepared and connected. He truly lives his business motto.

When Bob talks about becoming good friends with his clients, he is spot on.   I have witnessed this first hand. Everywhere I go people know and love Bob. This kind of customer care is something that you rarely see anymore. Some would say he is old school but I think it’s the only way to go. He is a master at his people skills, this is something that isn’t fake you can see it’s straight from the heart! I have grown to admire him beyond what I can even express. When you see a Master at work it’s something really beautiful.   I can see how my friend and mentor the late Gina Estrada became a master networker under her loving husband’s mentorship.

So let’s get started on this short interview 

1. What do you love most about your business?

 I love helping my clients realize and achieve their goals. I personally deliver life insurance checks to families and helped retire many clients into their golden years. The way that I treat my clients is  something that was always important to me and is the heart of my business

2. Tell us about an early struggle or challenge?

 In the early days of being a financial planner there are times when you are challenged by other advisors. Back in the 80’s I became a specialist in income replacement plans for doctors, attorneys, and CPA’s. I  had the opportunity to bid a local Radiology group. I prepared an extensive analysis of their existing plan versus what I had to offer. They moved their business to me but the other advisor couldn’t believe that my plan was better and spent a lot of time challenging me. After multiple correspondences between insurance companies and letters from my company backing me up, I finally won the battle. I’ll put that in the struggle column and also in the win column.

 3. What is the biggest compliment you received from a client?

I know this is not from a client but the biggest compliment I received was from my late wife Gina Estrada. She said I was the best business mentor that she ever had. It warmed my heart to think that she respected me all the years we were together!

4. What keeps you going in your business?

I love the people! I love my clients. Many have become friends and a few very close friends. It’s a very rewarding experience to have the opportunity to help my clients because I really care about them. I pray I have many more years to serve them!

To learn more and connect with Robert Estrada please visit his website: www.estradafinancial.com

-Theresa Ream

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