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Community Spotlight: Carol Young Clinical Skin Care

Carol YoungDisaster Kleenup Specialists CEO, Theresa Ream, talks with Carol Young of Carol Young Clinical Skin Care located in the heart of downtown Carmel. Carol is a licensed Esthetician, she provides top of the line take home skin care products that change the skin through the latest technology.

I started seeing Carol in 2008 after meeting her at a Professional Woman’s Networking Mixer. Carol is a petite woman with a bright and understanding face. The more I studied her the more I realized just how beautiful she is. Her features are simple and elegant, she carries herself like a light breeze. The most intriguing thing about Carol is her quiet inner strength and the best thing about her is the way she makes your skin change into youthful dewiness! If you have not had one of her clinical facials you have not had a facial!

I love the way Carol combines her products with personalized techniques for each client. Her touch is pure magic for your skin. Each time is a well thought out plan of product and application designed to enhance and rejuvenate your skin.

On a personal note, Carol demands a quiet and unassuming life. She shares a home with her 86 year old housemate and best friend, Nancy, along with her dog, Teddi. So off we go into the interview and getting to know Carol!

Carol, What do you want our community to know about your business?

Carol YoungI am an insider secret, a lot of people don’t know about me. I have a quiet little out of the way place and people come to me in the midst of downtown Carmel. I transform their somewhat aged skin into healthy, youthful radiant skin. I am able to change their skin into the youthful appearance that they enjoyed when they were young, sometimes even better! Most have some kind of sun damage and I can help them, that really is my specialty!

I have a method called the Young Method, which is an application of peels and special mixtures of products that revitalize the skin, then most importantly I put them on a maintenance program that is customized just for them. The home program usually changes and evolves just like the client. On the table, I use a combination of different therapies to get them to the optimal result. The whole process can take about a year. It is not aggressive and is very effective without unsightly skin irritations.

Many people have misconceived perceptions about peels. They are not scary like the TV show Sex in the City; the one where Samantha has a lunch hour peel and runs out of the office all red and bumpy! Peels are designed to take care of problems like Rosacea, sensitive skin, and acne. I put the resilience back in the skin. My treatments help conditions like discolorations, rough texture, dullness, and fatigued skin. This is a process of corrective work, not just a facial that feels good. It does something with visible results not just a relaxing topical application of products by any means

What is the best advice someone has ever given you?

Learn from all experiences in life… always show up and be present and to be a good human. To be there for others, I mean really be there.

What is the biggest business “ah-ha” you have ever had?

That I can be successful in business without business school training and amazingly you can fly by the seat of your pants and still be ok!

One of the things that hit me is this is a passion for me and I have a lot of fun doing it! Really it’s like friends come over we have fun and they pay me. I am hard wired for it!

What does your perfect business model look like for you?

Working two to three days a week, seeing three to four clients a day, starting my day around 11am, working with people that can’t wait to come to see me, having a thriving on line business where my brand of products are being sold and I would love time to go to classes that interest me. I like the idea of making time for balance between business and personal life.

Regarding your morning routine, if you had two uninterrupted hours each morning what three or four tasks you would do to start your day?

I would get up and meditate for 20 minutes seeking insight and inspiration. I love some of the podcast meditations like Tara Brach. I would then journal, I love to journal in bed while I look out my window day dreaming. I spend time snuggling with my puppy, Teddi, Then I check news and go through emails. Next, I make a to-do list for the day. I have tea and breakfast, sometimes in bed. Teddi and I play with her toys, then we get ready for the day and get out the door for a nice walk, then off to work

What book changed your life?

The Nancy Drew mystery series were my companions. I think that reading those books awakened my love for solving mysteries. I can now solve the mystery with every one of my clients, they have their own personal puzzles to solve, every woman’s skin is a mystery. You just need to know what to look for to solve that mystery and awaken her skin.

What do you love about your life?

I love the pace of my life. My life was a fast paced lifestyle in Marin. Now my life is slower and more balanced. I have a flow to my life now and I don’t cram things in, I am not exhausted but peaceful. Everyone else is speeding up! I slayed the dragons in my first half of life, now in the second half, I enjoy the fruits of my work.

What is your self-improvement formula?

I am always growing and learning about myself, I work to make myself better daily, I like to learn deep things… to be better is an unquenchable thirst of mine. I love spiritual teachings especially the enneagram, it’s a spiritual path. It helps me understand myself better.

What one person outside of your family had the biggest impact on you?

Stanley Keleman, he taught a somatic studies program that I participated in for 10 years. It teaches you to know your Body awareness and how we embody our emotions. It was a crash course of learning how to say and be real and to manage my emotions. The top of my head came off and all this wisdom came in. It was pretty intense and took place the first 10 years I lived in California

What would you change about yourself?

I would be four inches taller with thick dark hair and olive skin. I would have the exotic vibe going on! Also when I was younger, I wished I would have understood money better, I would not have been so self-critical and I would have been less judgmental toward myself. I would love to change from being an introvert to someone who is outgoing, I don’t think introverts fit comfortably in our culture sometimes.

If you didn’t know what fear was what would be the first thing you would do?

I would live my life larger, maybe put myself out there in relationships and take risks. I would have taken swim classes so I wouldn’t be fearful of water. Maybe go scuba diving or sailing, that could really be fun.

If you could instantly take on a quality or trait what would it be?

Be comfortable with public speaking. That can really trip me up at times.

What will your legacy be?

Carol YoungMy legacy will be that I showed up and did my best, even when I didn’t feel like it! I would hope that all these years of spending time with people and teaching them to take care of themselves will help them value who they are and they too will not only love and care for themselves but for others and the planet. My wish is that by engaging in deep and thoughtful conversations people’s hearts and minds will open and move into forward thinking that will be passed along. I think this type of exchange will bring forth genuine relationships, which can only help our world and very well could make an impact for good.

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