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Community Spotlight: Jorge David Gonzalez


Introducing Jorge David Gonzalez. Jorge was born in Santa Cruz, California in the late 1980’s to an immigrant mother who worked the agriculture fields.  Jorge’s mother was a single parent and  could not afford childcare so she took young Jorge to work with her in the fields. Against all odds Jorge stayed out of trouble even though he didn’t have a father figure in his life. He graduated from high school and was awestruck by a commercial for the Marines. He couldn’t stop thinking about the commercial and joined the Marines at age 18, serving two tours in Afghanistan  as a field radio operator in Operation Enduring Freedom Global war on Terrorism.  Jorge took his job very seriously as he knew he had to be accurate and dependable with his communications for his fellow Marines.  After returning from his tours Jorge went to San Jose State University and earned his BA in Communications Studies, even writing a paper about how the commercial influenced his life so positively and why it was so effective.   Jorge then became a retirement and financial planner for the San Jose school district. When the pandemic hit Jorge took the opportunity to do what he is totally passionate about and become a fitness instructor with specialties in youth fitness and boxing. He now coaches freelance as an adult and youth fitness instructor and for Monterey Fit Body Bootcamp, a national organization which has franchises locally.  

Jorge is also opening a new gym in Castroville called HF Training which focuses on group fitness, personal training, boxing, and athletic performance. 

So, let’s get right to this interview with this amazing young man.

1. What has been your biggest personal struggle?

I feel like my Mental health well being has always been a challenge. From growing up without a father, being raised by a single immigrant mom , where money and masculine direction and training was missing has caused struggles to keep on the right path. After serving in Afghanistan I  again  found that I really had to work on keeping my mental health where I thought it should be. Honestly, I struggled to find my  purpose after serving my country during a time of war. 

2. What do you love most about your business TODAY?

My relationships with my clients truly keep my life interesting. I love talking with and learning about their  different backgrounds and walks of life. You know once I have a relationship with a client it lasts forever. I really get into caring about seeing them get fit and work out without injuries.  It’s priceless to me that they know how much I care and the energy that I bring to their workouts. I think I can honestly say they love having me as their trainer.

 3. What is the best compliment you have ever received from a client?

The most consistent compliment that my clients give me is that I’m real, what they see is what they get, no pretenses. They Love the vibe and the energy that I  put out. It makes them want to do better each workout.

4. What is your big ‘WHY’ that prevents you from giving up when times get tough?

My kids! I am the proud father of two daughters. I take  being their  role model very seriously.   I work hard and I am dedicated because I want to leave a legacy for my girls and the children that I teach. I grew up the only boy in my house. I didn’t have the male influence I felt I needed.  That’s why I loved the Marines, it was the father I never had.  It molded me in to a man of integrity. The Marines had the greatest influence on me, saved my life and gave me direction and purpose. Now, my  whole goal in life is to build a  purpose and legacy  bigger than myself.

Jorge David GonzalezYou can connect with Jorge on Instagram  at joge_david_gonzalez_hf and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004834742472

-Theresa Ream

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