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Community Spotlight: Martin D. Jocz

Martin D. Jocz, CR is an Entrepreneurial Consultant and President Coach at Teach and Train Inc. Marty can be contacted at Support@CTT4You.com

A Note From Theresa Ream:

Marty Jocz Car

Marty has been my Business Coach for the past 10 years. He has first helped me as a person to grow in confidence and new heights of development. On the business end, he has helped us set up procedures, teams, business practices and coached on hiring right, even to the point of interviewing job candidates personally. Marty coaches and trains to the entire aspect of my person, including personal and family dynamics. I would call him a very good friend and one of the best influencers of my life. Coaches are important if you intend to grow personally and professionally.

I don’t see how people do without them! It’s the accountability that keeps me progressing. I have a business coach, a life coach and fitness coaches. If you are looking to go to the next level find yourself a good one!

Marty, tell us what you do

I am a Coach, Consultant and Mentor to businesses. I focus in the areas of Strategic Business planning & Business Evaluation for improvements to Companies. I regularly work with Companies on Change Management, Leadership, Management and Sales training.

As a Coach:

As I Coach, I am a “Professional Friend”. In my conversations, there are many times where we have give and take as part of our conversations, connecting, etc. The important part of having a give and take relationship is that it allows time for there to be revelations of what is going on inside of a person or a company. As the level of trust deepens, so does the professional relationship. I am continually working to help people to get to their next level. I am a personal visionary. Often times, I “see a bigger vision” for another person/company. I communicate with people about continuing “to get there.” This is VERY POWERFUL as most people do not have someone that can “see the next level for them” or if they are, many times that are stuck because they just can’t quite get past the day to day issues.

As a consultant:

I bring 40 plus years of business acumen to the table. For a long time as a consultant, I focused on what I call business systems, processes and procedures. Although I still often work on those, I spend more time today on Strategic Business Planning & Change Management. This includes Management, Leadership and Sales training. I analyze companies for what is holding them back and work to show management how to obtain buy in from their team members.

As a Mentor:

Over my lifetime, I have had failures and successes. Often, I refer to this as “seasoning.” Some people might call this wisdom. Others, just “knowing what to do (or not to do) in most business circumstances. “Seasoning” is what occurs as we have gone through our lives and realize that not everything that we have done is/was correct or even right. But, somehow, we each get through it AND LEARN what to do so that we don’t make the same mistakes the next time around. As a Mentor, I bring years of real world experiences to light for my clients and pass on this experience in a variety of ways. Sometimes, this is a deep dive for them. Sometimes, it is a minor course correction.

As I said previously, I spend a lot of time on change and change management. Each of the Companies that I work with have different items that they would like me to work with them on. Sometimes, I work with the owners on how they can change. Many times, I work with companies to change their Leadership or management models. We usually get focused on what I would call the “softer side of management.” This means working with people on their skill sets, making recommendations for them to work on and grow as a person not only within the Company but for themselves.

What is a big ah ha you’ve had regarding the work you do?

Learning to listen, actually listening to understand. I had been working on listening and I clearly remember when I had that Ah HA moment. I was a speaker at a conference in 2006 in Toronto. The speakers got together at the end of the day over some drinks. The conversation carried on for about 5 hours. At the end of the conversation, the group was walking to the elevator and someone that I had known for years asked me what was wrong with me. I asked what he meant. He said that I had barely said a handful of words during the conversation, but each and all of my words were impactful. THAT moment gave me a clear indication that I was on my way to “listening to understand” more than talking. Today, as I listen, I do this to understand where a person is coming from so that I am in a position to give them the most impactful insights that I can to help them.

Why should we hire you?

Marty JoczFrankly, today, we live in a “disconnected” world. Many people are “connected” to and live in their digital/social media world, not with each other. Many people are looking for a different “connection.” Many people that I work with are desiring an experience with someone who is professional. Listening, guiding and giving people information for them to get to their next level is a very important part of what I do. Many people don’t realize that they need support when they are going through transitions and transformations. I give just enough support so that I am not doing it for them but they are taking away nuggets to enhance their personal or professional experiences. Other people are only looking for more confidence in what they do so that they have the ability to take their business to the next level.

Most other people that you interact with in your life do not have the ability to take you to the NEXT LEVEL. As a coach, I am probably thinking and looking at your situation differently than anyone else has or will.

As a Motivator, I work to understand where someone is trying to go or get to. I ask and review questions with you such as how does that work, how can you get there, how do you want to go/get to a different place in your business, mindset, etc….?

Lastly, I am an accountability holder –meaning that hold people accountable for what their goals are. Accountability can be a big responsibility because YOU CHOOSE to make something happen OR take ownership … you OWN it … Accountability is about giving an account –explaining what happened … sometimes positive … sometimes “negative” … Each person is working on their “own thing.” My role:

  • To hold them accountable for DOING ”the thing”
  • Accountability is having the ability to clearly explain what happened “with the thing.” I get people to do this and explain it.

Tell us some of your history

I have been in business for over 40 years. I started when I was in High School doing painting and wallpapering. Soon, someone asked me to replace a faucet and that seemed like it was easy (the first one was not) and so, I learned. Then, someone asked me to replace a toilet (I figured –how hard could it be to replace a toilet –remember, I was in High School at the time). It took me “all day” and I did not really make money but I figured it out. Soon, I was doing complete bathrooms and then, complete kitchens and soon, someone asked me to do an addition to their home. I found an architect who would draw up the plan(s) and we started working. I am sure that on the first addition, we did not make money. But, soon, we were doing higher end, difficult additions. Some of these were complex.

Eventually, I had a solid business doing custom bathrooms, kitchens and additions.

In about 1994 or so, I was introduced to the Insurance Restoration Industry. In this industry, contractors specialize in smoke and odor removal as well as water extraction, mold remediation and reconstruction. By this point in my business life, I was well versed in reconstruction but not the “restorative services “ (water, mold, contents, and environmental issues). Over time, I learned and studied these concepts and came to put them into practice so that I understood them. OUR Company became a specialist in hard to remove odors from grease fires or animal odors.

I worked at various businesses in the early 2000’s. In 2001, my family and I moved to Florida. There, I joined a small company and eventually became the General Manager in Tampa. We grew the Company from about $2MM in annual sales to over $20MM in 2004. It was VERY busy but a great year for us in 2004.

In early 2005, I realized that although I was externally successful, I was not fulfilled. I decided to leave the day to day restoration business and become a consultant to the industry. I again learned the difference between working “in the business” and working “ON” the business. My role as a Consultant, Coach and Mentor is to help people to work on themselves and/or their business to help them achieve their goals and that “next level.”

What sets you apart from others who do what you do?

I think that my experience of working in businesses to working “on” businesses have been successful because I have assisted them in several ways. What truly makes me different is that I have an ability to see from the top down to the bottom AND from the bottom of a Company to the top. I can to segregate a position and analyze how that position is affecting other situations within the company either effectively or ineffectively.

  • I further help people and companies as follows:
  • I help others to facilitate their OWN development (I help people to “grow”).
  • I assist helping people to “learn on their own “ (teaching them to fish) …
  • I work with people on what I call “experiential learning” This means coaching them into learning by doing it. WE then analyze what happens and get feedback (the feedback comes from the world).
  • Lastly, I take a step back (Or am at that 30,000-foot viewpoint) and observe the issues and “seeing” how to move things forward with changes… assisting people to have break through’s and making a difference in companies and people’s lives. I love coaching and it is enormously rewarding.

Tell us any funny stories you have about your business and your family

MartyWell, I don’t know about funny but how about memorable. One time with our family, the kids were much younger and we were in Florida on vacation. We had done the beach and now, we were at Disney World. In those days, they had the fireworks at the end of the day set up so that “theoretically” you could go to MGM Studios, then, Epcot and then, Magic Kingdom to see the fireworks. This was around Christmas and the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom were later in the evening, around midnight I believe. So, we saw the fireworks at the old MGM studios (now Hollywood studios), “ran” out to our car, drove to Epcot and caught the final fireworks at Epcot and then, Ran out of Epcot, to the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom, got off of that one and took the boa over to the Magic Kingdom and were just in time to see the Electric light parade and the late fireworks at Magic Kingdom. Although we DID see all of the fireworks in one night, this was not a well thought out plan as the kids felt like I was dragging them along and they were on “Mr. Toad’s wild ride the entire time”. All of us agreed that it was good to see the fireworks but wow … just not recommended that anyone tries to do that. Needless to say, we all slept in the next day ☺!

Business –one of my most memorable moments was actually when I was a young kid and had a paper route. My dad would help me on Sunday mornings as I had over 50 news papers and my route happened to be the furthest from the “route shack” (in those days, we would pick our papers up at “the shack” and then, deliver them to the homes around 4:00 –5:00 AM on a Sunday morning, regardless of the weather). My dad (I think he felt sorry for me) actually volunteered to help me on Sunday mornings. Eventually, I bought two (2) more routes and had over 175 customers on a Sunday. The car was loaded in the trunk and back seat. I learned some great lessons about responsibility and how to handle money at an early age. That lasted for about a year or so and then, I sold all of the routes as I was going into High School and could not keep doing the daily papers. I am not sure who was more “happy” (relieved) when I sold the routes-me or my Dad. ☺….

Do you do any community work or have any community interests?

I came to realize a long time ago that my best me is as a better supporter of Community work vs. a “doer.” Although BOTH can be very rewarding, we have chosen the “support” route. We have supported several causes over the years such as:

  • Joyce Meyer’s ministry such as her organization providing drinking water projects in Africa
  • We have also supported Joel Osteen’s organization on a regular basis
  • Wounded Warrior
  • Wreaths across America
  • Shriner’s Hospitals

Tell us some of your family history

My Grandfather was the or one of the Master Electrician’s that did the electrical wiring for Milwaukee City Hall. My father was an Electrical Engineer for Square D Company for over 30 years innovating and test numerous products for that Company. My mom was involved with religious education for many years and then, in the insurance life, health and wellness industry.

I have been married for 38 years to my bride, Janice. We have two daughters who are grown and married. We have been caregivers to all four of our parents and are currently helping out my Mom. Our first Grandson is due any day now ☺! We love the beach and get to it as often as we can.

Tell us about any hobbies or interests that you have

I like to work out 4 –5 times a week. As I said before, my wife and I love the beach and get to it as often as we can (frankly, not often enough). We like going to see and watching movies. We are big ‘Avengers’ movie fans but also like to take in romantic comedies. Sometimes, we like to watch older movies on TMC. Mostly, we like to be with each other and sometimes, that means just sitting and reading. Sometimes this is business articles & books on Leadership and Management. Sometimes just books or magazines just for fun. I LOVE to learn and I make an effort daily to learn “something” new. Life is an adventure!!

Marty is making a special offer to anyone who would like to have a free consult on their business. This is a 45-minute discussion with you about your business and how to either make it better OR go from Good to Great! Prior to the consult, you will need to fill out a brief survey about you and your company online. For anyone that is interested, please contact Marty at: Support@CTT4You.com. He will respond within 24 hours.

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