DKS Featured In The Carmel Pine Cone

DKS Featured In The Carmel Pine Cone

DKS- Carmel Pine Cone 050820

Can working for a company that “routinely deal[s] with slime, sludge, stink, blood and body tissue, and…dangerous invisible entities like the coronavirus” actually be rewarding? You bet it can.

Read our May 8th feature in the Carmel Pine Cone to learn more about how Disaster Kleenup Specialists is working hard to get and keep homes and businesses safe during the COVID-19 outbreak in addition to some fun insight into how quirky this job can really get.

“Coronavirus might be the most formidable viral threat to the health of mankind since the Spanish Flu in 1918, but it’s not a problem for Disaster Kleenup Specialists.” – Terry Ream


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