Garage Contents Restoration

Garage Contents Restoration & Cleanup

If you live in the Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas and are trying to recover from the devastation of a garage flood or fire, let Disaster Kleenup Specialists help you with garage contents restoration and cleanup. We’ve been successfully serving homeowners with 24-7 disaster response for over 30 years.

Our highly-qualified team of certified restoration experts will give you peace of mind and a fully restored garage so you can get on with your life.

Moving Forward After A Disaster

With something as overwhelming as a fire or flood, trying to move forward with next steps to recover your garage can seem difficult to impossible. Without the proper tools and training, a garage cleanup can be hazardous and time-consuming.

Each disaster brings a unique set of difficulties and demands. A fire can damage the external structure of your garage, and it can leave soot and smoke residue along with the strong odor of smoke. A flood can leave water damaged electronics along with damaged documents and photographs.

Because physical property can be damaged further the longer it’s exposed to water, time is particularly of the essence when it comes to floods. Disaster Kleenup will help navigate these hurdles and provide you with professional garage cleanup and recovery.

Restoring Your Life After A Disaster

To get your life back on track as quickly and seamlessly as possible, we offer the following garage contents restoration services after a fire or flood:

  • Document Drying
  • Photograph Drying
  • Water-Damaged Electronics Cleanup
  • Odor Elimination
  • Residue Cleanup From Smoke, Soot, and Fire

Important documents can be saved from the destructive powers of water with expert handling. The sooner we are contacted and on site, the more likely we’ll be able to minimize your loss. As with documents, you must act quickly to recover your photographs from the effects of a garage flooding. Aside from the immediate effects of water contact, if not properly dried, mold and mildew can continue to destroy your photographs over time.

Odor Removal After Garage Flood Or Fire

After a fire, your garage may carry the heavy odor of smoke. Smoke is a notoriously difficult smell to get rid of, but our experienced team can eliminate the strong stench of fire. Soot and smoke easily fill a garage during a fire and leave their mark accordingly. With the proper contents restoration team, any signs of a fire will be erased.

Restore Your Garage & Your Peace Of Mind

If you are trying to recover from a fire or flood, let Disaster Kleenup Specialists help minimize your loss and reduce your stress. Our certified technicians will recover your garage and its contents with 24/7 emergency service within the Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz, and surrounding areas. Give us a call for an estimate.

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