Flood Disaster

How Do You Prepare Your Home For A Flood Disaster?

At Disaster Kleenup Specialists, we have been helping Monterey, California homeowners restore their home after flood damage for over 30 years.

We want you to be prepared to protect your home from water damage before the flood comes. This is best done by identifying hazards, taking preventative actions, and in the case of an unavoidable disaster, limiting the damage after flooding has begun.

Identify Flood Hazards

A flood hazard is a physical condition or situation that increases your likelihood of experiencing damage to your home. The FEMA Flood Map Service Center has interactive maps that you can use to determine if you or your loved ones live in or near a flood zone. Be mindful that a home can be flooded or experience water damage even if the home is safely away from flooding areas.

Inspect roofs, exterior walls, and foundations on a regular basis for any cracks or damage that could allow water to enter your home. Inspect internal walls by listening for dripping sounds to catch pipe leaks and prevent mold. Check faucets, toilet seals, appliances, and under cabinet plumbing for leakage as well.

  • Know if you live in a flood zone.
  • Inspect your home for possible water entryways.
  • Check regularly for signs of leaks.
  • Keep up with repairs and maintenance.

Prepare Your Home For Floods

When heavy rains occur we see homes whose gutters and drainage systems failed due to blockage. Often these blocks can be prevented by cleaning gutters and drains of leaves and debris. Surprisingly many homes are not built to withstand rising water and extended period of heavy rains. The good news is by taking these simple preventative measures you can help to protect your home:

  • Apply “Dry Flood-Proofing” coating and sealants.
  • Grade lawns away from your home.
  • Point downspouts away from your home.
  • Raise internal and external appliances above flood level.
  • Know where your waterline shut off valve is.

Minimize Water Damage To Your Property

Addressing hazards and taking preventative steps greatly reduces the risk of damage to your home; however, if a flood is imminent or if flooding has already started it may not be too late to reduce the damage it can cause.

  • Have a family disaster action plan.
  • Shut off the water line if it’s the source of flooding.
  • Use sandbags to prevent water from entering cracks or openings.
  • Move rugs, furniture, electronics, and valuables to a higher level.
  • Shut off electricity at your main breaker panel.
  • Use a shop vacuum to remove water.
  • Use fans to dry items as quickly as possible.
  • Take photos or videos to give to your insurance provider.

Your Flood Disaster Specialists

Floods cause more damage than any other natural disaster. At Disaster Kleenup Specialists, we are here to help you protect your Monterey area home from flood and water damage. Keep our number on hand. If you need preventative maintenance, inspections, or repairs, or when disaster strikes, you know who to call.

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