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My 5 Favorite Facebook Groups

After the pandemic, we can all use a little balance and a lot of inspiration. I hope you enjoy this sample of interesting, engaging, and fun communities that can become life changing experiences. Facebook groups give us a chance to engage, get in front of prospects and meet new and interesting people. Most importantly, they are led by experts in both their industries and the art of collaboration. So, please enjoy my top five.


A little about the group… The Marketing, Media, & Money Magazine, Podcast and Event group hosted by Patty Farmer is a group where they share and discuss proven strategies on marketing, media and monetizing your business, live & virtual events, speaking, books, digital and/or print magazines, podcasts as well as other media platforms. The group’s primary focus is on positioning you and your business for maximum media exposure, visibility and influence. Patty encourages the group to meet, connect and engage with the industry experts & global influencers who generously share their knowledge, strategies, and resources on what is working NOW to help you grow (and scale) your business.

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Patty Farmer

Patty Farmer is an award-winning Marketing & Media Strategist, International Speaker, Podcast Host, Magazine Publisher, and 7 Figure Event Producer. As a global influencer and thought leader, she works with women CEO’s, entrepreneurs and speakers who are experts in their field to help them fully identify their expertise, attract (and convert) their ideal buyers, gain massive visibility, package their knowledge, and position them in the marketplace to leverage the media and create marketing strategies that are profitable…not painful. Her mission is to help her clients make a big impact in the world, and bigger deposits in their bank account while designing a lifestyle they want to live.

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A little about the group… In this collective space hosted by Tracie Root, they share tips about how to connect with people who matter to us, who shape our lives, and with whom we can change the world together!! The events and workshops posted are designed and hosted by the Gather Community Creators and Contributors. Everyone is invited to be a part of what we are all building here. The Gather Community Core Values include Kindness, Generosity, Trust, Support, Cooperation, and Respect.

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Photo of Tracie Root

For almost a decade, Tracie Root has been serving and supporting clients around the country to SET and to GET their goals in life and business. With the founding of the Gather Community in 2019 and its expansion in 2020, she took her own goal-getting advice and created a community of likeminded women who are growing and thriving together. Tracie serves women in her group programs and in the Gather community who are looking to expand their beliefs, go after their dreams, and live their BOLD life!

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A little about the group… The Simple Lifestyle Solutions group hosted by Marian Taylor provides time saving tips and tools for Clean and Simple Meals, Wellness, Home, Decor, Finance and Beauty – the Marian Way. The Marian Way helps you reduce the excess that is clogging your space, mind, and spirit so that you can have more time to do the things that bring you joy.

Photo of Marian Taylor

Marian Taylor is a success-driven entrepreneur, founder of Simple Solutions for Living, Simple Lifestyle Solutions, and the creator of The Marian Way. Her mission is to support her clients in living a simple, and beautiful lifestyle. As a professional downsizer and relocation specialist for 10+ years, Marian knows firsthand as to what it takes to help her clients let go of their “excess “, with her time-tested tools, tips, and solutions.

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A little about the group…Members of this highly engaged group of speakers, experts, and authors hosted by Nancy Juetten, who are not satisfied with love, legacy, admiration, FB likes, and applause if they aren’t also making money every step of the way. In this group, we talk about how to raise your voice and make your impact — especially in this new world where virtual speaking is more the norm than the exception. When you raise your voice and make your impact consistently, you can attract the connections, clients, and cash you want.

Photo of Nancy Juetten

Get Known Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten transforms speakers, experts and authors into sought-after podcast guests who speak their way to 6-figures and beyond. Nancy combines her years of public relations agency success, proven online marketing strategies honed since 2009, and velvet boot of accountability to kick clients into an empowering and sustainable gear of performance and profits. In addition to being an Amazon #1 best-selling author and a consistent content creator, Nancy speaks up on 40+ podcasts and virtual stages each year with her sassy sound bites leading the way.

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A little about the group… This group is for individuals who are full of spirit and innovation. It is where highly creative, intuitive, and individuals creating a movement can feel free to share ideas and receive support.

Photo of Jennifer Urezzio

Jennifer Urezzio is the founder of Soul Language – a paradigm that puts tangibility to Soul so a conscious connection can be established to enable crystal clear decisions for success. Jennifer is also a master intuitive and the author of two best-selling books. Currently, she has trained over 30 practitioners worldwide in Soul Language. Currently there are over 5,000 individuals all over the world connecting to their Soul Languages.

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I hope you enjoyed my top five Facebook groups. With the self-education trend in full swing, what better time to bump up your game and be seen and heard in a Facebook Group that suits what you are searching for, whether it be business contacts and training, integrating your intuitive side into your business, getting advice from a top Marketing strategist, rubbing elbows with podcast hosts and making an impact speaking virtually, organizing and simplifying your life or having an accountability group around your goals. December is the perfect time to identify your top five and get started. I promise you, it will be a journey you won’t regret. 

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