Preventing Summer House Fires

Preventing Summer House Fires

As the temperatures rise and festivities begin, it’s important to prioritize summer fire safety to protect your home and loved ones. Summer house fires can be devastating, but with the right precautions, they are preventable. We’ve got you covered with proactive prevention strategies, so you can keep the fun going all summer long.

Barbecue Safety: Grilling Without The Risk

Good food with family and friends – BBQs are a summer tradition for a reason. Nobody wants a tasty get-together to turn sour because of a negligent grill master. A few simple steps can keep the grub and the fun coming.

  • Proper Grill Positioning: Ensure proper placement away from flammable structures, and keep a safe distance from trees, plants, and combustible materials.
  • Check Gas Connections: Regularly inspect gas lines and connections for leaks, and keep the grill’s lid open when igniting the burners.
  • Proper Disposal Of Coals & Ashes: Allow coals and ashes to cool completely before disposing of them in a metal container, away from flammable materials.

Fireworks & House Fires: Celebrate Responsibly

How can fireworks cause house fires? You don’t want to find out! Improperly ignited or malfunctioning fireworks can land on rooftops, dry grass, or other flammable surfaces. Fireworks also produce sparks and embers that can ignite nearby flammable materials if not properly controlled.

  • Attend Public Fireworks Displays: Leave fireworks displays to the professionals and enjoy the show from a safe distance.
  • Legal & Responsible Use: If legal in your area, follow local ordinances and carefully read and follow the instructions provided with your fireworks.
  • Clear Launching Area: Choose an open, non-combustible space away from homes, trees, and dry vegetation for fireworks displays.

Fire Pit Safety: S’mores Safely

There’s nothing more cozy than a fire pit. It’s the perfect campfire experience minus the dirt and bugs. Keeping those warm embers controlled is probably easier than you think.

  • Proper Placement: Set up safely, away from flammable structures, overhanging branches, and dry grass.
  • Use A Spark Arrestor: Install a spark arrestor or mesh screen to prevent embers from escaping and starting unintended fires.
  • Extinguish Flames Completely: Never leave a fire unattended, and fully extinguish flames before leaving the area or going to bed.

Air Conditioner Fire Safety: Keep Your Cool

Wait, even your good ‘ol AC unit can be a hazard? You bet. You don’t have to participate in outdoor activities to experience summer sparks. The good news is that preventing summer fires from your air conditioner usually involves regular maintenance.

  • Regular Maintenance: Schedule annual professional inspections and cleanings to ensure your air conditioner is in optimal working condition.
  • Proper Electrical Connections: Avoid overloading circuits and ensure proper electrical connections for your air conditioning unit.
  • Clear The Area: Remove debris, leaves, and other flammable materials around the air conditioner unit.

Reduce The Devastating Impact Of House Fires

By implementing these fire prevention measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of summer house fires. However, accidents can still happen. If you ever find yourself in need of professional assistance after a house fire, Disaster Kleenup Specialists is the trusted choice for house fire cleanup in Monterey County and the Monterey, CA, area. Contact us today to get help or learn more about our services.

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