Radon Removal

Radon Removal

For Radon removal in Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas, contact the professionals at Disaster Kleen Specialists. The quality of the air we breathe in our homes and offices is crucial to the overall health of residents and employees. Even though radon is a naturally occurring gas that is released from the earth’s surface, exposure is no laughing matter.

With over 30 years of experience as certified disaster specialists in California, Disaster Kleenup Specialists would like to share with you the main reasons it’s important to assess your property for possible hazards related to radon contamination.

Indoor Radon Is Carcinogenic

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive compound chemical that is released through the soil floor of crawl spaces and basements. It can even seep through the cracks in concrete which is why it’s imperative that your home or workspace is assessed for proper abatement and removal. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Surgeon General, and many more federal health organizations and agencies agree that homeowners and businesses should test for radon.

Modern day science has concurred specific actions must be taken as short periods of exposure can lead to serious internal damage. Contact can result in numerous medical conditions, serious injury, and cancers such as:

  • Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma (Lung Cancer)
  • Silicosis Or Asthma
  • Dyspnea (Shortness of Breath)
  • Cough & General Chest Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Tuberculosis & Other Autoimmune Diseases

Don’t Risk Health With Home Testing Kits

Assessment for safe levels of radon takes a team of field investigators and lab technicians to accurately measure radon trapped in small spaces, attics, and architectural areas exposed to soil and gravel basement floors.

With neither a color nor smell, radon can only be properly detected using expensive commercial equipment performed by licensed and trained radon testers. A very prevalent problem in the winter months, radon enters the home several different ways and through certain substances and building materials such as:

  • Coal
  • Smoke & Ash
  • Asbestos & Sand Dust
  • Soil, Gravel, & Cement

Call the California Radon Clean up Team

Disaster Kleenup Specialists is dedicated to the immediate removal and abatement of radon in your home or office buildings. Even if your home has a passive radon system installed it may not be powerful enough to reduce the levels of radon should a leak arise. Many passive radon systems are not efficient enough to drastically reduce dangerous levels of radon and the only way to know for sure is to get it tested by a professional.

Disaster Kleenup Specialists is licensed, certified, and insured to reduce trapped radon levels within your property and mitigate the health hazards of overexposure to this invasive toxin. If you think you may have trapped pockets of radon or if you’ve just recently bought or built a new home in the Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas, call Disaster Kleenup Specialists and we’ll get it cleaned up.

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