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Response to COVID-19

When Covid-19 arrived in our community, it threw everybody into a whirlwind of change. All of us knew that there would be huge needs for support in the community. Little was known about what the virus could do, or how it was going to affect all of us. Within one day, life, as we had known it, changed completely. All but essential businesses were closed, and the whole state was on orders to avoid any activity that was not directly needed.

It was a disaster, pure and simple. That’s what our company does, deal with disasters. We had our work cut out for us. It was time to spring into action mode and take care of our community.

Serving our Community During the Pandemic (For DKI)

The first thing our companies did was to look at how we could keep as many as possible of our people employed during the unfolding crisis. Retail locations were shut down, and people stopped buying things, or making any moves at all beyond preparing for whatever would come next.

Once we got our bearings as a company, we stepped into action. There was a huge need for safety procedures, deep cleaning, and more. All of the first responders and police and firefighters had to step up and do their jobs regardless of how it might affect them personally. We did the same. We had the ability to do Hazmat cleaning, and this was clearly a situation where a lot of hazard was happening. Nobody knew yet how the virus spread, and we all assumed the worst, so it was time to take action.

Our employees suited up and began doing what we do best…taking care of people and the buildings they inhabit. Every day, we worked on sanitizing workplaces for the essential workers that everybody relied on to keep our communities going.

Our company began offering free sanitizing to police forces and firefighters. Before long, we were deep cleaning their vehicles in service to the community. We began visiting fire stations and police stations with donuts to keep morale up, so these vital workers would know they were appreciated and loved for their service. We continue to hit two teams a month with our Delicious Disaster Donuts ever since Covid came on.

As businesses began to open up again weeks later, we went in and did deep cleaning so that safety issues were addressed.

At Disaster Kleenup Specialists, we place the speed of response at the top of the list. We are there when you need us, we show up and do the job. Peace of mind is what we offer, as we take the burden of unexpected events from you and give you the support you need to move on.

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