Prevent Sewer Backup

Sewer Backup Prevention

Serving property owners in and around Monterey, California, Disaster Kleenup Specialists are here when you need help with sewer backup prevention. We want to help you keep your belongings and property safe from damages caused by flooding, clogged sewage drains. Don’t get caught in the sludge. Take steps to prevent this messy disaster.

Avoiding Sewer Backflows

The best way to deal will sewer backflows is to prevent them from ever occurring. By thinking ahead you can help protect your health, safety, and property. This is especially true around the holidays when you might have a house full of guests. Here are just a few ways to prevent sewer backup from occurring in your home.

  • Keep Trash Out Of Toilets
  • Update Routes & Piping Materials
  • Avoid Pouring Grease & Oil Down The Sink
  • Keep Tree Roots Under Control
  • Separate Storm Runoff From Sewage Drains

Your Toilet Is Not A Trash Dispenser

Diapers, feminine products, baby wipes, and paper towels can seriously clog a toilet. Throwing paper products that are thicker than toilet paper down the throne is the second leading cause of many bathroom clogs. Even dental floss, which seems harmless, over time can also damage your toilet’s ability to function.

Prevent Tree Root Damage

If your pipes are old and you’ve got several trees near a pipeline, chances are the roots could be the culprit to a backed up sewer line. Getting tree roots periodically cut by a landscaping professional can drastically improve the lifespan of sewage lines and prevent floods. A great option to avoid a sewer backup line is to switch out rusty pipes with newer plastic plumbing options.

Food & Grease Clogs Can Buildup

It’s a myth that running hot water with hot oil down the sink is okay. These substances will clog your drain. Grease will harden and remain in your pipes constricting the way to the sewer and eventually beginning to smell. Keep the sink clean by pouring cooking oil into a canning jar or dish and disposing of it somewhere other than your plumbing system.

The Dangers Of Sewage Floods

Maybe it’s too late. A backed up drain can damage your homes integrity, become an electrical hazard, and is a hot spot for diseases. The faster you respond to a backed up sewage line the better your chances of avoiding mold, rust, and raw sewage related health hazards.

When the sewer backflows, floors, walls, belongings, and furnishing are contaminated with wastewater. This is a dangerous health hazard that needs proper cleanup by experienced professionals. We’re here to help.

Act Fast When There’s A Sewage Problem

At Disaster Kleenup Specialists, our services include recovering, disinfecting, and drying damaged belongings and structures after floods like a sewer backup. If you’re experiencing a sewage backup situation, contact our Monterey area team today. We look forward to helping you with both your restoration efforts and future sewer backup prevention.

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