Sink Toilet Overflow

Sink & Toilet Overflow

When you find yourself the sudden victim of a wet mess from sink and toilet overflow, you can rely on the professionals at Disaster Kleenup Specialists in Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas. Quick action is vital when it comes to water overflow cleanup, especially when you’re dealing with potentially contaminated water.

We’re a premier full-service restoration company that has helped residents of California recover from household disasters for over 30 years. Entrust your home and your health to the best.

Take Immediate Action

If you have an overflowing toilet or other appliance, it’s important to remove all water and any residual moisture. By ensuring your affected surface is quickly dried, you secure the best shot at keeping your property damage-free. Water left to its own devices can quickly lead to water damage such as warped wood and ruined carpet, along with health hazards such as mold growth and the need for mildew removal.

Leave The Contaminates To The Professionals

When a toilet or sink overflows, you’re left with an unsanitary, contaminated mess on your hands. No one want to deal with an overflowing toilet or sink overflow. Common sources of contaminated water overflow include:

  • Toilet Bowl Overflow
  • Dishwasher Overflow
  • Clothes Washer Overflow

There are two forms of contaminated water that infiltrate your home or office and may require a professional service, grey water and black water. We specialize in both grey water cleanup and black water cleanup from sink and toilet overflow.

Grey Water & Black Water Cleanup

Sink OverflowGreywater comes from overflowed sinks, showers, clothes washing machines, and dishwashers. It may contain bacteria and viruses along with traces of food, dirt, grease, and hair.

Blackwater is water specifically containing urine and feces commonly from toilet overflow. It poses a huge health risk due to its higher level of pathogens and requires extreme diligence during cleanup.

Monterey Cleanup At Its Best

By hiring a professional cleanup team to dispose of sink and toilet overflow in Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas you are ensuring a sanitary home or office. At Disaster Kleenup Specialists, our team of experts is highly trained and certified. We’re available 24-7 to make certain all water is properly disposed of and completely cleaned from your premises so you can go about your day stress-free.

Call us today to mitigate the effects of an overflow — no disaster is too big or too small.

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