Natural Disaster Tips

Tips To Get Through A Natural Disaster

At Disaster Kleen Specialists of Monterey, we’re here to offer some natural disaster tips. With over 30 years of recovery services assisting both homeowners and businesses in California, we are available to aid your recovery efforts in the aftermath of a natural disaster. If you’ve been affected by one of these unfortunate events, you’re not alone. Thousands of people in the US every year are affected by natural disasters.

Types of disasters that could drastically affect your living or working environment include:

  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Fires
  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricanes
  • Hazardous Material Spills

Keep Your Family & Employees Safe

Just like back in grade school, when everyone practices the emergency drill in the case of a fire, it’s important to consider the appropriate routes and action plans to first remove all persons from physical danger, including evacuation from the event. Once all individuals are accounted for, you should assess the medical needs of survivors while attempting to seek temporary shelter. Disaster Kleenup Specialists recommend getting in touch with your local Red Cross Chapter in the case of a medical emergency during a natural disaster event.

You Need A Family Disaster Plan

Prepare a Family Disaster Plan to be used in case any of the most common natural disasters occur. It’s recommended that children be taught that accidents and disasters occur which may require evacuation training, such as disaster supply kits, emergency contacts, evacuation routes, and safe meeting locations.

Keep Your Children Well-Informed

Help your children by teaching them to memorize important information such as phone numbers, addresses, and safe locations to find assistance. A well-informed child is statistically better equipped in cases of severe danger related to natural disasters.

Mind Your Mental Health

Depending on the severity of damage, the aftermath recovery of a natural disaster can take years. After the trauma, it’s normal to feel anxious and feel the need to isolate yourself, but there are many community programs that can help you and your family through the grief associated with disasters. Recognizing the symptoms of lingering trauma is important for survivors to discuss with a caring listener or professional counselor so that victims can move on to rebuilding a stable emotional outlook, after such tremendous losses.

After The Storm Schedule An Inspection

Natural disasters can cause many underlying issues to a home or property and letting any water damage remain untreated can create a domino effect of dangers to the safety and health of the occupants. Mold and other organic toxins can penetrate building materials and damage the structural integrity of your property while making occupants ill.

Contact Us For Natural Disaster Recovery

At Disaster Kleen Specialists of Monterey, we hope you use these natural disaster tips as a resource in case an unfortunate event should occur. After the natural disaster has passed, the damage to an untrained eye might not look as bad as it is. Without a proper inspection your floorboards, joist beams, or insulation may be secretly suffering as the damage eats away the core structure of your building or home. You shouldn’t shrug off a professional inspection, even for a small flood or windy storm. Make sure to call Disaster Kleen Specialists in the event of a natural disaster.

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