Top 3 Causes Of Attic Fires

Top 3 Causes Of Attic Fires

According to the United States Fire Administration, US residents report about 10,000 attic fires in homes every year. Aside from the obvious costs in property damage, attic fires can also cause injuries and death. Few of us have smoke detectors in our attics, so blazes in these spaces spread quickly before we even realize they have started.

What causes these fires, and what can we do to prevent them? We have answers for you.

Top Causes Of Attic Fires

  1. Damaged Electrical Wiring
  2. Natural Causes – Storms, Leaky Roofs & Mice
  3. Overheating HVAC Systems

1. Electrical Wiring: The Most Common Cause Of Attic Fires

We are all using more electronic devices and appliances these days. All these gadgets can overload our home’s electrical systems, especially in houses older than twenty years. These overburdened systems may cause circuit breakers to fail and catch fire.

Cut down on your chances of a blaze by unplugging any devices in your attic and by not overloading outlets throughout your home. Keep your attic free of unnecessary objects, and don’t store batteries or flammable liquids in your attic.

If your home is older than twenty years, consider hiring a professional inspector to check out the wiring. You will want to replace any damaged wiring promptly.

2. Natural Dangers: Storms & Mice Are Fire Hazards

Strong winds during storms can knock trees onto your roof. That storm debris may damage your electrical systems, leaving exposed wires. Keep your large trees trimmed to minimize this possibility.

Keeping your roof maintained is essential as well. Leaks in your roof can lead to wet wiring, which can spark.

You’ll also want to stay on top of pest control. Mice and other pests are other natural sources of danger. If they chew on your wiring, they leave it vulnerable to sparks.

3. Attic HVAC Hazards: Essential Appliances Need Maintenance

Heating and air conditioning systems, often placed near the top of the house, work really hard to keep us comfortable. These essential systems can occasionally overheat and catch fire.

The danger is more severe in the summer when your attic is already really hot. Dust and other debris build up in the ducts of these systems, adding to the likelihood and speed of a fire spreading.

Schedule an inspection of these systems regularly. Consider getting a professional inspection in early spring before your air conditioning is in daily demand.

Has Your Home Been Damaged By An Attic Fire?

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