Causes Of House Fires

Top 5 Causes Of House Fires

If you’re a homeowner in and around the Monterey California region, you can rely on the services of Disaster Kleenup Specialists for a scheduled house fire repair consultation and cleaning services.

During the holiday season and cold winter months, certain house fire risks are known to increase. We want to help you avoid some of the leading causes of house fires.

Common Causes Of House Fires

When family and friends are gathered together, or we are spending more time indoors to escape the cooler temperatures, the last thing we usually think of is home hazards. The activities and environment surrounding this time of year are actually related to the number of accidental fires that get started in homes. The five biggest sources to keep in mind for house fire prevention are:

  • Heating Appliances & Chimneys
  • Cooking & Baking Projects
  • Christmas Lights & Electronics
  • Candles & Holiday Decorations
  • Smoking Indoors

Keep Heating Appliances & Chimneys Clean

Even small fires can cause considerable damage. Space heaters, furnaces, chimneys, and other heating elements closer than 3-feet from papers, clothes, and other synthetic materials are in a danger zone. Annually inspect and clean heating equipment and keep decorations more than 3-feet from any heat source.

Prevent Kitchen Fires

Most house fires begin in the kitchen. Prevent kitchen fires by using a timer when cooking. Keep an organized counter space by removing towels, books, cardboard, and recipes from the surfaces surrounding any heating elements; keep dishtowels and oven mitts from being exposed to open flames. In case of an oil or grease fire, smother the flames in salt or baking soda and remember never to use water. Water will make the fire spread.

Assess Plugs & Breakers

When the sun sets earlier, more electronics are brought out in the home for recreation and comfort. If a device should spark or smoke after it’s been plugged in, it is no longer safe to use. Electrical fires caused by pets and pests chewing on cords are a leading cause of fires.

Your house may be older and have exposed wires caked with dust. Over time the buildup of dirt can spark at the contact point where it meets the insulation. Any frayed and exposed wire should be repaired and surge protectors installed to protect electronics.

Candles, Alcohol, & Cigarettes

The #1 leading causes of house fires are candles and smoking inside the home. Never leave candles unattended and never allow a candle to burn while you sleep. Many fires started when a cigarette rolls under a couch or bed. If an intoxicated smoker does not put out their cigarette, it can stay lit for hours. Try to establish a rule that smokers step outside. Provide an ashtray to dispose of cigarettes properly.

When Disaster Strikes, We’re Here To Help

We hope these tips help you protect your property and your family. If an indoor fire has damaged your California home or business, call us at Disaster Kleenup Specialists. We can help with house fire repair and professional restoration services.

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