What To Do After An Apartment Fire

What To Do After An Apartment Fire

Where do you start for fire restoration after an apartment fire? Your first concern will be your immediate health and safety, but what about the apartment and your things? If you are in the greater Monterey Area in California, Disaster Kleenup Specialists are here to provide assistance, whether you are a tenant or an owner.

Renter Responsibilities After It Is Over

As a renter, you are generally responsible for the items inside the apartment. The landlord typically looks after the building, halls, and entryways, but always check your lease for details. You want to make sure to contact your landlord to let them know that you are finding alternative housing. You do not have to keep paying rent for an apartment in which you cannot live.

Your Insurance Company Needs To Know

Once you have contacted your landlord and the fire department has left, make sure that you document the condition of all your personal belongings. Show smoke, water, and fire damage to your personal property, and keep all your receipts. Then contact your insurance company. Your renter’s insurance will help you sort out the bills for temporary housing, fire cleanup, and restoration.

Stop Ongoing Damage In Its Tracks

A fire restoration firm will remove wet clothing, bedding, and furniture that can start growing mold and clean them. We can provide tips for removing minor smoke damage to other items and help you mitigate any other types of ongoing damage as soon as possible. If the unit must be vacated, you will need to plan to move everything in your apartment to a storage unit or your new place.

A Landlord Has Responsibilities Too

You will need to decide if the fire damage is minor or requires that your tenants must vacate for their safety. Make sure that you know all your tenants got out and have places to stay and keep them updated. Make a plan with your insurance to begin restoration after you determine the cause and total damage. It is important to have a plan in place as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

  • Verify The Safety & Health Of Your Tenants
  • Secure & Protect The Structure
  • Call Your Insurance Professional
  • Provide Clear Communication To Displaced Tenants
  • Begin The Fire Restoration Process

Kickstart The Fire Cleanup As Soon As Possible

While the flames can undermine the overall structure of an apartment building, the water damage continues to wreak havoc long after it stops smoking. It is imperative that soaked wallboard, carpeting, and other soft materials are removed to prevent the growth of mold. This is especially important if the fire only affected one or two units and the building is still inhabited. Both the owner and the tenant must be proactive in this area. A qualified fire cleanup company can offer support for both you and your tenants.

Get Muscle, Knowledge & Coordination

We offer more than board-up services and debris removal. Our full-service fire restoration team is available to help you with every type of service you need at this life-altering moment.

  • Board Up & Security Services
  • Debris Cleanup& Removal
  • Personal Property Cleaning
  • Storage Solutions
  • Smoke & Water Damage Cleanup

Call Now To Get The Clean Up Help You Need

One call will help you start moving forward. Give Disaster Kleenup Specialists a call when you need assistance meeting your responsibilities as a tenant or landlord when faced with an apartment fire in the Monterey County area.

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