Wind & Storm Damage Repair

Wind & Storm Damage Repair

A storm can create massive and extensive damage to personal and professional property. Trees can be brought down, flooding can occur and water can severely damage buildings. Even more importantly, it isn’t always how the wind is blowing, but what the wind is blowing.

Wind & Storm Damage

Tree limbs can be thrown through windows, crash through roofs, and the siding on a home can be ripped free and become a hazard that will do even more property damage. Our specialists are trained to deal with the aftermath of any brutal Central California storm.

Disaster Clean Up Experts

We are a licensed disaster cleanup specialists that take pride in the work we complete. Many times during a storm, heavy winds, hail, and rain can cause tremendous damage to the shell of a structure. Siding, roofing, and windows can be affected and may need immediate repairs to prevent further damage. The proper matching of building materials to be replaced is key when restoring exteriors.

Repair Storm & Wind Damage

Wind & Storm Damage RepairThe goal of our specially trained team is to speedily repair any and all storm damage, including removal of fallen trees and limbs, property reconstruction, roof repair, window replacement and interior restoration.

We will clear any debris from the site and make the necessary repairs to make things look the way they did before the wind or storm damage occurred. This extends to our wind and storm damage repair work. Our team will clear debris from your home or business and make the needed repairs to return it to its natural state.

Even the seemingly lightest storm can cause major issues for a property owner. Allow Disaster Kleenup Specialists to help remove this unnecessary stress.

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