5 Reasons To Care About Mold Detection & Removal

5 Reasons To Care About Mold Detection & Removal

After California floods or especially rainy or humid seasons, you may start to hear friends and neighbors worrying about mold issues. Should you be concerned? At Disaster Kleenup Specialists, we want to help you be aware of the destructive power of this invasive fungus, and its potential effects on your property and health.

  1. Potential Health Problems
  2. A Sign Of Hidden Leaks
  3. It Hides Where You Can’t See
  4. Remediation Is Complex
  5. Mold Problems Are Moisture Problems

1. Asthma & Allergy Issues

Mold can cause breathing problems from the spores, cells, and other fragments that enter the air and produce allergens, irritants, and mycotoxins. These can irritate the lungs, nose, and throat, especially in a person who has asthma or a chronic lung condition. If you have fungal allergies, you may experience symptoms similar to seasonal allergies.

2. You May Have A Hidden Plumbing Problem

Spores will continue to grow in your home or business if there is a good source of moisture around. If you try to tackle the problem on your own but don’t discover and address the source of the moisture, then your infestation issues will likely continue.

Our company specializes in problems from water damage such as mold removal. We can find and address broken pipes, appliance leaks – getting to the root of the problem.

3. No Time For Hide & Seek

You might notice a musty odor or suspect it from recent water damage but not be able to see the source easily. Mold can be hidden on the back side of wallpaper, drywall, or paneling, and it may also be underneath carpet and carpet pads.

Other hidden areas include inside walls around pipes and inside ductwork. When you are unsure about the source, it’s a bad idea to start peeling back wallpaper and potentially release a massive number of spores into the air. Not only will you be in for a huge time investment, you could possibly expose yourself and others to dangerous black mold.

4. Eradication Will Mean Remediation

Some people are still affected by allergic reactions to dead spores. It is important to completely remove mold and not just attack it with a disinfectant solution and hope it’s gone. Chlorine bleach is actually not recommended for cleanup since it is not possible to completely sterilize an area. Microscopic spores may still remain.

Professional mold removal and post-removal testing are the only ways to be sure your home or office is safe.

5. You May Be Feeding The Infestation

You can take steps to prevent mold infestation. If wet materials are dried within 48 hours of a leak, then mold will most likely not grow. It’s also important to act quickly when you notice condensation on windows, pipes, or walls. After a flood, professional water removal and structural drying can help prevent or reduce future contamination issues.

Mold Remediation In California

If you have recent water damage, smell musty odors, or have actually seen mold growth, don’t wait. Call us at Disaster Kleenup Specialists in the Monterey and Santa Cruz, CA areas. Our remediation experts can eliminate both mold and moisture issues for a cleaner, safer environment.

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