Meet The Team

Disaster Kleenup Specialists is proud to have the most experienced and highly trained restoration team on California’s central coast. We are dedicated professionals who make it their mission to return your property to its peak condition when disaster strikes.

DKS Staff Theresa Ream
Theresa Ream
DKS Staff Terry Ream
Terry Ream
Vice President
DKS Staff Jesse Lizama
Jesse Lizama
Senior Project Manager
DKS Staff Amanda Ream
Amanda Crumpton
Chief Operating Officer
Shawnae Groenewood
Shawnae Groenewoud
Office Administrator
Nesly Bocanegra
Assistant Office Administrator
DKS Staff Brent Calvin
Brent Calvin
Business Development Director
DKS Staff Megan Merz
Megan Merz
Business Development Coordinator
DKS Staff Shacara Peixoto
Shacara Peixoto
Claims Administrator
DKS Staff Tony Alvarez
Tony Alvarez
Project Manager – Water
DKS Staff Brannon Johnson
Brannon Johnson
Project Manager – Water
DKS Staff Zachary McKenzie
Zachary McKenzie
Project Manager – Environmental
DKS Staff Vicki Leal
Vicki Leal
Project Manager – Fire
DKS Staff Richard Gilson
Richard Gilson
Project Manager – Construction
Cody Crumpton
Cody Crumpton

Project Manager – Construction

DKS Staff Holly Amaya
Holly Amaya
Supervisor – Environmental
DKS Staff Michael Maguire
Michael Maguire
Supervisor – Fire
DKS Staff Richard Amaya
Richard Amaya
Supervisor – Construction
Jason Cardona
Jason Cardona
Supervisor – Construction
Virginia Morales
Virginia Morales

Project Coordinator – Environmental

Alex Stelly
Alex Stelly

Project Coordinator – Fire

DKS Staff Wendy Perez
Wendy Perez
Project Coordinator – Construction
Marcus Jeter
Marcus Jeter
Warehouse Manager
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