Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos Testing & Removal

Disaster Kleenup Specialists offers asbestos testing and removal in Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas. Dealing with asbestos is complex and non-compliance can be quite costly. Asbestos is hazardous when disturbed, making it important to work with a licensed and experienced asbestos removal contractor like Disaster Kleenup Specialists.

Who Needs Asbestos Testing?

Building owners, homeowners, architects, engineers, contractors, and those working in the public sector who are planning a demolition or renovations need to consider any potential disturbance to asbestos-containing materials in or on the site.

Many people are under the impression that only buildings constructed prior to 1980 are covered by the regulations. This is not the case. Though for the most part asbestos was phased out at this time, surplus inventories and new products were continued to be used through the 1990’s and in some rare cases up through today. Most air quality districts offer no cut-off date for performing asbestos surveys prior to demolition or major renovation.

Potential real estate purchasers also want to consider having an asbestos survey conducted prior to purchasing. There are quite a few property owners who regret not having a better idea of what they were actually getting involved with.

Transport & Disposal Compliance

Emergency Asbestos AbatementAsbestos must be properly packaged, transported, and disposed of. A number of agencies have rules governing these requirements. Improperly disposing of a known hazardous waste is a felony.

Asbestos waste is broken into two categories in California; “Hazardous Asbestos Waste” and “Non-Hazardous Asbestos Waste”. These classifications are based on the type of condition of asbestos and if it is considered to be friable or non-friable (crushed by hand pressure).

A waste manifest must be signed and submitted to the landfill and the California Department of Toxic Substance Control. Your local non-hazardous landfill does inspect for illegal wastes being brought in. Do not attempt to improperly dispose of known asbestos waste. Most household hazardous waste sites operated by municipalities will not accept asbestos wastes.

Your Asbestos Removal Experts

Disaster Kleenup Specialists is a licensed asbestos removal contractor with over a decade of experience in asbestos testing and abatement in Monterey, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties. Our licensed technicians will assist you with removing and disposing of your asbestos in compliance with California State laws.

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