Emergency Board Up Services

Beat The Clock – The Importance Of Acting Quickly After A Disaster

When disaster strikes, safety is priority number one. Leaving an unsafe location accessible to the public is dangerous and a liability that you could be held accountable for. After a disaster, if someone were to injure themselves at your property and it were not secured, it would be deemed your liability. There is no need to make a bad situation any worse and at Disaster Kleenup Specialists we understand this fact. That is why we offer emergency home and business board up services in the Monterey, Santa Clara, San Jose, and Santa Cruz area. Fires, mold infestations and floods from broken pipes, overflows or heavy storms – all such disasters must be dealt with in a timely manner. If not handled immediately you could experience on or more of these issues:

  • The safety and security of the home can be compromised. Windows and doors may become weak and function improperly, wet materials may collapse and electrical installations and components can be a health hazard when they come in contact with water. Slips and falls are also potential dangers
  • Excessive water can cause: rusting in metals, corrosion in electronic components, cracking, splitting or warping of furniture items, color bleeding or transfer in fabrics, furniture stains and secondary damage to upholstery, drapery, clothing, wallpaper, photos and papers.
  • If water-damaged structures and contents are not dried out quickly and correctly, potential health risks can develop. Mold can begin to grow within the first 24 to 48 hours after the disaster.
  • Fire or smoke damaged properties can also experience irreversible damage, regardless of the size of the fire. Soot residue is highly acidic and can pit or corrode the metal in doorknobs, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, etc. It can also etch glass in windows, mirrors and cabinets, causing them to look soiled and cloudy. Moreover, plastics, appliances, fabrics and vinyl windows can become discolored.
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