Emergency Content Pack Out Tips For Homeowners

Emergency Content Pack Out Tips For Homeowners

When disaster strikes there is so much to think about, if you live in the Monterey or Santa Cruz, Ca area Disaster Kleenup Specialists can help with our professional emergency pack out, storage services, clean-up, and restoration services. The first step to dealing with the damage from a disaster is often packing up any of your undamaged items. If you are going to try to pack out your own stuff, we have a few tips to help.

3 tips For An Emergency Pack Out

  1. Turn Off Any Electronics
  2. Sort Your Items
  3. Mark Your Items

1. Turn Off Any Electronics

Once you have established that your property has been damaged, the first thing to do is turn off the main electricity and all electronics. This prevents further damage to the appliances from fire or water exposure. Making sure everything is shut off also saves you money in power bills when you are not there to use the power.

2. Sort your items

Sorting your items helps by making them easier to pack. Make sure to sort your items by room so you can easily put them back once repairs have been made. During the sorting out process, you will also be able to analyze the extent of the damage so you can know what you need to replace. If you hire a professional emergency pack out company, they will also look at all of the damaged items and be able to tell you which ones can be restored. They will then pack these items carefully so that they can avoid damaging them further.

3. Mark your sorted items

Marking your sorted items makes them easier to find when you need to unpack. If you hire a professional company they can label your stuff for you and store it until the repairs are complete.

Get In Touch With An Emergency Pack Out Company

The professionals at Disaster Kleenup Specialists will take care of all of your emergency restoration needs from pack to repaired home. They will relieve you of any stress while saving you time, money and maximizing your safety. Contact us today to get the expert help you need.

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