Fungus Mildew Cleanup

Fungus & Mildew Removal

Whether you are moving into a house you just purchased with fungus or mildew issues, or you have found that your existing home contains these, call our team at Disaster Kleenup Specialists, servicing the Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas. Our professional and educated staff have been servicing the Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas for over 30 years and will work hard for you. We look forward to answering any questions you may have on fungus and mildew removal.

What Are The Signs of Fungus And Mildew?

Breathing in any fungus or mildew can make you or your family sick, sometimes extremely sick. Luckily, there are several signs that you or your family can notice as long as you look for them.

  • Leaks in Roofing
  • Leaks in plumbing
  • Dampness in Basement
  • Rusty Areas
  • Stained or Decaying Wood, Paneling, and Drywall
  • White Powdery Areas on Concrete
  • Peeling Tiles
  • Carpet Odor

Many of the signs of fungus and mildew are visual and have to do with water leaks. The most dangerous are leaks in roof, or leaks in plumbing, which can cause decaying wood, paneling, and drywall. Unfortunately when these become noticeable the fungus and mildew may be at an unsafe level.

Other signs that can leave damage behind and are very noticeable are rusty areas, peeling tiles and white powder on concrete. One sign that is often noticed and most aggravating is damp, carpet odor, the smell can be intolerable. If you or your family notice any of the issues above, it is important for our team to come to your home, find the issue, and clean it up before any further damage to your home or your health can occur.

How Is The Fungus and Mildew Removed?

The first step with fungus or mildew remediation is to immediately have one of our staff members come in and inspect the area and assess the damage. Each case is different. Some can involve very little cleanup including disinfecting of the area. More severe cases may involve the removal of drywall and rugs. We will do whatever it takes to prevent any further health issues.

The best way to deal with fungus and mildew is early detection, if you have any inclination that there may be a leak or water markings anywhere throughout your house or property call our team at Disaster Kleenup Specialists immediately. Our Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas staff are quick to come out and inspect the situation properly. We work with you or your insurance company to ensure proper cleanup and removal.

Look out for your family health today, call Disaster Kleenup Specialists right away!

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