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Homicide & Suicide Cleanup – Who To Call

Homicides, suicides, and illicit activities like a meth lab operation can significantly damage a living space. Coming across a room that’s been impacted by homicide, suicide, or meth lab activities can happen to anyone living in the Monterey and Santa Cruz, CA areas. Each instance creates a need for biohazard remediation. You shouldn’t try to tackle it yourself, as it’s a stressful situation, and you risk exposure to toxic waste or hazardous materials.

What Happens When You Find an Unattended Death or Crime Scene

Your first response to finding a deceased individual or meth lab is to call 911. First responders come to the location, remove the body or arrest individuals, perform a crime scene investigation, then leave. Once the police are finished processing the scene, you’re responsible for cleaning and removing the biohazards.

You shouldn’t try to do this job on your own because biohazards are present. It’s far better to have a professional crew of forensic cleaners come in and take care of the situation.

The Importance of Bringing in Professional Crime Scene Cleaners

Forensic cleaners can start cleaning up a scene as soon as you’re ready. The team comes equipped with tools and cleaners that can help lift blood spills and biological materials left behind by dead bodies and remove anything destroyed by decomposition or chemicals in compliance with California state laws. Once the removal process is completed, the forensic cleaners focus on disinfecting all surfaces affected by biohazards and making the location safe for renovation.

Contact Disaster Kleenup Specialists Today for Help With Biohazard Remediation

Disaster Kleenup Specialists has been in business for over 40 years, and we’re available 24/7 to assist you with restoring your property. We service the areas of Monterey and Santa Cruz, CA, and we’re ready to help you with everything from blood spills to murder scene cleanups. Our team of trained forensic cleaners takes out everything that’s a biohazard, then clean up the space so you can return it to a living space again.

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