Odor Removal

Odor Removal

At Disaster Kleenup Specialists, our odor removal specialists in Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas are trained to target and eliminate odors as quickly and efficiently as possible. Lingering odors in a home or business can come from many different sources. Pets, fires & molds are some of the most common causes for a these types of smells. Disaster Kleenup Specialists’ professional deodorization services will restore the air quality of your home or business.Take advantage of our special services for pet odor removal and smoke odor removal.

Pet Odor Removal

We all love our pets but sometimes they cause unpleasant odors. Over time these smells can build up and linger in your home. When dogs have an accident on the carpet, the smell tends to linger no matter how much you try to clean it. Even if your pet is completely house broken, the natural scent of an animal can suffocate clean oxygen to breathe. At Disaster Kleenup Specialists, we pride ourselves on removing the harshest odors from your home.

Smoke Odor Removal

Disaster Kleenup Specialists can assist you with smoke odor removal.  After a fire, the smell of smoke will never leave a home if it is not treated properly with the right professional services. If you have recently had a house fire, let us assist you in cleaning and restoring your home. We are a full service fire restoration company. We can fully restore your home and have it smelling like the day that you bought it.

Eliminate All Odors

Our odor removal specialists in Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas will completely deodorize your home or business. You won’t believe how great the smell is when you walk through the door. We bet that you never thought your home could smell as good as it does when we’ve finished with our deodorization techniques. Call Disaster Kleenup Specialist for odor removal in Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas and have your home or business smelling like new.

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