Winter House Fire Prevention

5 Ways To Prevent Winter House Fires

Californians are no strangers to property fire threats, but did you know that there’s a greater risk of house fires during winter? The more time we spend inside, the harder we run our homes. Factors as large as storms and our heating systems to as small as holiday decorations and candles contribute to winter’s increased assortment of hazards.

At Disaster Kleenup Specialists, we have put together a list of five ways to prevent winter house fires to help you protect the people and property you care about.

Did you know?

5 Winter Fire Prevention Tips

Winter is a time of year when you’ll likely see open flames indoors, be it a roaring fireplace or lit decorative candles. People are also cooking indoors more often. While the cold weather understandably tempts smokers to stay indoors, doing so adds an unnecessary hazard.

Everyone wants to enjoy the holidays in a warm house with all the traditions and trimmings. Keep your family safer this season with a few simple tips.

  • Ensure that you have working smoke alarms and that your Christmas tree isn’t blocking an exit, like a hallway or door.
  • Don’t keep anything flammable within three feet of your space heater, stove, fireplace, or candle display, and turn them off/extinguish them before you go to bed.
  • Don’t leave hot appliances, cooking, candles, and fireplaces unattended.
  • Clean your oven, stove, and clothes dryer regularly to prevent grease and lint build-up.
  • Replace any string of lights that looks worn or has frayed wires and loose bulbs.

We Can Help After A House Fire

If your family experiences the unthinkable this winter, our team can remove the water, smoke, and soot and perform a full damage assessment once firefighters finish their work. We also offer a full range of house repair, and home reconstruction services, including odor removal, upholstery cleaning, and ceiling and wall repair.

Call Today For Fire Restoration

If you need house fire cleanup in the Monterey County area, California, contact Disaster Kleenup Specialists and ask for your quote. If you’re in the middle of a crisis, please call our emergency response phone number. Our team is available 24/7 to start setting things right again.

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