Preventing Vacation Home Disasters

Preventing Vacation Home Disasters

Owning or renting a vacation home in California’s Central Coast has its perks, from the spectacular views and access to fabulous beaches to countless attractions for all ages. It only takes one disaster to turn any vacation into a nightmare. We’ve seen how much havoc a disaster can wreak on a typical home.

Things That Could Happen While You’re Away

Most of us don’t think that anything could happen to our vacation homes while we’re away. Unfortunately, disasters can strike at any given moment.

Flooding Water damage is the leading cause of property damage to vacation homes. Leaking water pipes and ruptured rubber or PVC supply lines are common causes.

Fire — Fires are another common disaster for vacation homes. Unattended appliances and faulty electrical can help spark a ferocious blaze.

Theft and Vandalism — Vacation homes are tempting targets for burglars and vandals, especially when it’s made clear that they’re unoccupied.

Prevention is Always the Best Policy

You can’t always avoid disasters, but there’s plenty you can do to safeguard your vacation home against them:

  • Shut off the water before you leave. Locate the main shut-off valve for your vacation home’s water supply and turn it off completely. This helps prevent flooding, not to mention water waste.
  • Unplug appliances to avoid electrical hazards. Doing so reduces the likelihood of a power surge, spark, or overheating issues that could potentially start a fire. The only appliances that should be left plugged in are those on a timer.
  • Use steel-reinforced braided lines. Using these instead of traditional rubber hoses on your ice maker and other water-reliant appliances can help prevent water damage from lines that split, crack or otherwise fail suddenly.
  • Put away all potentially flammable items. Make sure these items are stored away from any heat or spark sources.
  • Install Bluetooth cameras throughout your vacation home. These “electronic eyes” can help you keep tabs on your property while you’re away.
  • Use water detection technology. Advanced Bluetooth-enabled water detection devices can notify you or a property manager of a water leak as soon as it happens and even shut off the water supply at the first sign of a pressure drop.
  • Avoid being a target for burglary. Keep your windows and doors locked. Having your lights on a plug-in timer can help make it seem like someone’s inside, which is often enough to deter would-be burglars.

We Are Here To Help

No matter what type of disaster befalls your vacation home, the experts at Disaster Kleenup Specialists can help get your house back to normal. From flood repair and house fire clean-up to lead removal, we handle it all using our decades of experience and our team of licensed disaster cleanup specialists. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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