Flood Restoration

Flood Restoration

When the storms are over or the pipes are shut off, contact Disaster Kleenup Specialist for flood restoration in and around Monterey, California. Whether you have bad weather, a toilet overflow, or a basement flood, water can destroy your property and affect your life immensely. Leaving home repairs after a flood to a restoration specialist is the first step in preventing additional undue stress.

You’re Dealing With A Lot

  • Standing waters can easily weaken the structure of homes and businesses.
  • Moisture can ruin personal belongings and encourage mold growth.
  • You can be exposed to a soup of biohazards, toxins, and household chemicals.
  • Oftentimes you have to temporarily move out of your home.
  • At the very least, it means dealing with insurance companies.

How We Can Help You

Flood Restoration Experts – Your Safest Bet

Electronics in a watery basement, bacteria and virus-laden black water, and chemicals, chemicals, chemicals – there’s a lot to worry about when it comes to handling floodwater. Our team of professionals is experienced in all kids of household flooding. We have the gear and know-how to clean it up and fix it up fast, without putting you or your family at risk.

Preventing Mold – Take Quick Action

It is important to take action immediately. Moisture can quickly ruin walls, carpets, wood and fabrics. It also becomes a carrier for mold and bacteria. It is vital to have the situation fixed as soon as possible. Get in touch with our flood repair experts for professional, high-powered drying and dehumidifying services.

Restore Your Flooded Home

It may not be possible to save everything, but we will do everything we can to help you reclaim your home. In addition to repairing walls and water-damaged flooring – we will remove standing water, debris, mold and mildew. Then we can start to make repairs or work with your insurance on a complete restoration.

Call The Monterey Flood Restoration Pros

Disaster Kleenup Specialists is California’s most respected disaster restoration company. Call us today to get fast and professional clean up and repair service from our flood damage restoration specialists in the Monterey area.

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