Winter Wind Damages

Wild Winds Of Winter 2017

Wild WindAs most Californians’ know this winter ended in a whirlwind, literally. In January of 2017, winds reached over 50 mph causing havoc to residences all over. One central coast family awoke to an enormous tree falling through their ceiling! Not knowing what to do the home owners called their insurance company to find someone to remove the tree. Under recommendation from their insurance, they called Disaster Kleenup Specialists to perform the necessary emergency board up service to prevent more storm damage.

Tree House FallA Disaster Kleenup Specialists Site Superintendent and Project Manager arrived at the house that morning to ensure the safety of the home-owners and the home itself. “It was a huge project, the tree had ruined their roof and had created tons of structural damage,” said Disaster Kleenup Specialists Site Superintendent, Austen Barker.

After completing the emergency board up to stop the rain from entering the house, they did a thorough inspection to assess the damage. The Disaster Kleenup Specialists team recommended work to repair the home, then contacted the homeowner’s insurance company to submit an estimate for their claim.

With homeowners anxious to get back into their home, and the approval from the insurance company, Disaster Kleenup Specialists’ crew got straight to work! Austen led the way, ensuring all proper steps were taken and checking in with the homeowner continually with progress updates. The homeowners were thrilled with Austen’s professionalism and knowledgeability that they even had one of their rooms upgraded with a drop ceiling!

At Disaster Kleenup Specialists we know how hard it can be when your home or business gets damaged and the repairs process can be just as confusing. We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable and friendly during your tough time. This is story is just one example of the many lives we touch.

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