Flooded Basement Repair

Flooded Basement Repair

Disaster Kleenup Specialists offers premium flooded basement repair services without the premium price. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are available to address a wide range of clean-up issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether suffering from damage due to a flood, broken water main or a leaky roof, contacting our reliable and customer oriented professionals is the first step towards minimizing damage and inconvenience.

We provide fast and detailed basement flood clean up services by following IICRC protocol standards. These are in place to ensure the entire process meets regulatory requirements in addition to offering clients the attention to detail they deserve. Our aim is not only to provide friendly and professional service, but to ensure that your basement is completely free from moisture and mold-causing bacteria.

While anyone can mop up water and dispose of damaged items, proper flooded basement repair involves ensuring that underlying and supporting structures have not been damaged.

Basement Flood Clean Up

Flooding impacts everything. Areas of the basement that are hidden behind walls and underneath floors can be damaged to the point where structural integrity and safety can be an issue. Thoroughly cleaning and repairing your basement will ensure that excess water or moisture is removed from these areas for safety as well as to prevent foul odors from developing.

We have the resources to manage any flooded basement repair effectively and as quickly as possible, whether the basement has carpeting, wood or concrete flooring. Our disposal and clean up methods are compliant with federal, state, and local ordinances and codes, and we can manage every aspect of the job.

Our professional and friendly staff have served countless households and businesses, and we understand the stress and uncertainty that flooding has on many of our clients. We offer fair and accurate estimates along with an explanation of the entire process and what is required.

Cleaning up and repairing damage from a flooding problem can be overwhelming. Explore the amazing benefits that we can provide as we make the recovery process much easier to manage.

Basements tend to be areas of a home or businesses that naturally attract floods. When your basement becomes flooded you may only have a short period of time before it can evolve into a worse problem. Mold and other toxins can quickly develop in a flooded basement. Our highly trained basement repair technicians will remove all water and make any necessary structural repairs. Call Disaster Kleenup Specialists for all flooded basement repairs.

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