Whether it is winter or summer, it is important to weatherproof your Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas home. A small investment now will save you more over the course of time. At Disaster Kleenup Specialists, we have the knowledge to advise you on the proper weatherproofing for your home. We will guide you toward the right decisions in order to reduce your utility bills and help prevent any unexpected disasters.

A house that is not weatherproofed will waste energy and create an additional drain on finances. Start down the path of savings and less worry by keeping your home well protected. Take a step in the right direction with a weatherproofing consultation from Disaster Kleenup Specialists today.

Commercial Building Weatherproofing

Disaster Kleenup Specialists can take care of all your commercial building weatherproofing needs. A business needs weatherproofing attention just as a home would. Why take the chances with a future disaster and the costly repairs that accompany it? We help you remain worry-free about the security of your facility against the elements.

We provide maintenance and consulting services for the most common weatherproofing repairs. This includes maintenance of roofing systems, sealing of windows, commercial building water main systems and any other installation of related systems that will weatherproof your commercial building. Concentrate on running your business and enjoy big savings on your monthly utilities.

Protect Your Property From The Elements

Protecting your property from water, wind, mold, mildew and fire will save your home or business from future expensive repairs. There are a few things one can do to weatherproof their property, but most require a professional. Disaster Kleenup Specialists helps our clients make the right weatherproofing decisions by assessing the situation to give each client the best outcome.

Unfortunately one weather element can cause another problem, for example, water damage can turn into mold and mildew, Disaster Kleenup Specialists can help you stop water damage and protect against unforeseen weather damage. Don’t put your valuable property at risk.

Free Estimates

By calling Disaster Kleenup Specialists, your home or business will be ready to face whatever the weather will throw at it. We offer free estimates and believe the cost should not be an issue when protecting your property. We take pride in our weatherproofing services. We are confident that our work will pay off every time you open your utility bill. Don’t put you valuable property at risk. Call Disaster Kleenup Specialists today.