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Community Spotlight: Mike Kersten


Introducing Mike Kersten a proud PWN member and the owner of Clovis Fit Body Bootcamp.  

Before opening his franchise Mike worked in the grocery business he was also a P90X online coach and ran an outdoor bootcamp for fun.

In 2015 Mike suffered two career ending injuries, one of them requiring surgery.  Knowing he could not return to his job, Mike searched for other opportunities and found the Fit Body franchise.

He was excited to open his doors in January of 2016 and everyday has been memorable and rewarding for him.

 1. Tell us about One win and one struggle in owning your own business:

The biggest win is that I get to spend quality time helping wonderful people, many have become good friends of mine. We live in a big world and people struggle in silence, Being a trainer gives me the privilege to listen to their stories and struggles and provide a safe place to share and I always have plenty of tissues if needed.

The biggest struggle has been the realization that I have to be strong in my convictions and dig deep for inner strength no matter what others advice is. I have learned to take advice but it has to run through my own personal filter. God gave me a vision, he may not have given that vision to those that have opinions about what I should do. So strength is the key. I have learned that the body is not the only thing you need to work to keep strong. You also have to work on the inner spirit to do what’s right for the vision God gifted me with.   

2. What do you love most about your business TODAY?

I love having clients walk in with very little body strength, maybe overweight with poor diets and low self-esteem. Then the transformation starts to take place. I watch them get strong, healthy and confidant. Not many business owners get that gift do they?

3. What is the best compliment you have ever received from a client?

Thank you!  It’s the biggest compliment and says so much. But I look for what is behind the thank you. It could be thank you for helping me look better. Thank you for giving me a safe place to work out. Thank you for really caring about what I am going through as a person. Each Thank you is unique and inspires me beyond anything I can think of.

4. What is your big “why” that prevents you from giving up when times get tough?

First of all I love to be fit myself. I wasn’t always fit so attaining it means a lot to me. I love people, I love to have fun. But also I love to live simply and I want to make fitness and nutrition simple and fun.  I want people to thrive and live their best lives.  If I can impact lives by doing what I love then I am richly blessed! It’s the people, it’s always about the people!

To learn more and connect with Mike Kersten please visit his website www.fitbodybootcamp.com/9365-clovis-ca

– Theresa Ream

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