Fall Home Maintenance

Easy Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Prepare your home for the changing season with these easy maintenance tips!

1. Clean filters for kitchen exhaust fans. Change if needed.
2. Replace or clean your furnace filter.
3. Remove any window air conditioning units or cover your outdoor unit from debris.
4. Check driveways and walk ways for cracks. Fill/Reseal as needed.
5. Change ceiling fans to spin clockwise to help pull cool air up and push warm air down.
6. Winterize your sprinkler system and drain any outside faucets.
7. Drain roughly 2 gallons from your water heater to remove any built up sediment.
8. Check for drafts by passing a lit candle around window and door seals. Add or repair weather stripping as necessary.
9. Make sure fireplaces are clear of soot or creosote build-up.
10. Inspect your roof for damaged tiles or shingles.

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