Large Loss Restoration

Large Loss

Nationwide Large Loss Response

Disaster Kleenup Specialists has extensive experience in situations of large loss and our team of certified professionals are willing to help you with any disaster. At DKS, we make sure to attend to each client’s specific needs. Because, not every situation is the same and can be controlled with cookie-cutter solutions. We are DKI licensed and able to pull resources from anywhere nationwide in order to ensure fast and expert service for any major disaster.

Our large loss team has helped to mitigate disasters such as Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Katrina, as well as the blizzards on the United States East Coast and when disasters happen on the Central Coast, DKS and DKI provide the resources to help all of the residents in the area. So, when you experience a large loss, rest well knowing that Disaster Kleenup Specialists will quickly, professionally and expertly resolve your situation and return your life and business back to what it is supposed to be.

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