Disaster Kleenup Specialists offer cleanup services after flooding.

Courthouse Cleanup

Flood Restoration

When your home is in need of restoration after a flood there are many things to consider. Flood waters can affect your life immensely and getting your home repaired by a flood restoration specialist is the first step to prevent additional undue stress. Floods can easily weaken the structure of homes and businesses. Floods ruin personal belongings and cause extreme inconvenience. Oftentimes you may have to temporarily move out of your home or stay with a relative. At the very [...]

Flooded Kitchen Repair

Flooded Kitchen & Bathroom Repair

A flooded kitchen or a flooded bathroom is a serious matter that requires the attention of a professional disaster cleanup company. Disaster Kleenup Specialists is a full-service restoration company that has been proudly served Monterey, San Benito, Santa Cruz, and Santa Clara Counties for the past 30 years. Disaster Kleenup Specialists is always ready to respond to your flooded kitchen and bathroom with 24-hour emergency service. If you have a flooded kitchen or flooded bathroom in Monterey, our flood [...]

Flooded Basement Repair

Flooded Basement Repair

Disaster Kleenup Specialists offers premium flooded basement repair services without the premium price. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are available to address a wide range of clean-up issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether suffering from damage due to a flood, broken water main or a leaky roof, contacting our reliable and customer oriented professionals is the first step towards minimizing damage and inconvenience. We provide fast and detailed basement flood clean up services by following [...]

Garage Fire Cleanup

Garage Contents Restoration & Cleanup

If you live in the Monterey, CA area and are trying to recover from the devastation of a garage flood or fire, let Disaster Kleenup Specialists help you with garage contents restoration and cleanup. We've been successfully serving homeowners with 24-7 disaster response for over 30 years. Our highly-qualified team of certified restoration experts will give you peace of mind and a fully restored garage so you can get on with your life. Moving Forward After A Disaster With something as [...]

Emergency Water Removal

Garage Flood Repairs and Cleanup

Disaster Kleenup Specialists provides garage flood prevention, cleanup, and restoration services in the Monterey Bay area. For over thirty years, we have helped residents of Monterey, Carmel, San Jose, Berkeley and Cupertino protect their homes against water damage from storms, faulty appliances, and other environmental hazards. We are the area’s leading property restoration company, specializing in helping homeowners recover from floods, sewage overflows, and mold growth. If you garage has suffered a water loss, we can help you mitigate [...]

Flooded Kitchen Repair

Flooded Homes

You may be surprised to learn that even if you do not live near a body of water, you can still have a flooded area in your home. Broken water pipes, sump pumps that fail to remove moisture from the basement, and torrential downpours can cause water to build up in the home, damaging floors, walls, furniture, and possessions. Flooded homes are devastating, but you can get back on your feet faster with professional flood clean up from Disaster [...]

Water Emergency

Water Emergency Checklist

Disaster Kleenup Specialists of Monterey, California is your trusted source for water and flood disaster services. Flooding and water damage is a significant threat each year in California, so make sure you are prepared with a water emergency checklist and plan. Having a disaster plan will let you and your family worry less in the event of water or flood emergency. Preparation is everything. Water Emergency Essentials In the event of a water emergency, some of the things you should plan [...]

Flood Area

What To Do After A Flood?

As flood cleanup professionals, here at Disaster Kleenup Specialists, we want you to know what to do after a flooding emergency. Whether you are dealing with busted pipes or storm water damage after heavy rains, a house flood can be devastating. We want you to be prepared for what’s next. Steps To Take After A House Flood It can be tempting to just charge back into your property with the goal of erasing the damage. After all, you want to get [...]