Spring Cleaning Checklist

Top 5 Ultimate Deep Spring Cleaning Checklist

There doesn’t have to be a natural disaster for you to need the heavy-duty spring deep cleaning services of Disaster Kleenup Specialists.

We can help you clean up, repair, and restore your Monterey area home for safety and year-round satisfaction.

Spring Cleaning Like You’ve Never Seen

We’re different from a general maid that dusts the shelves, mops the floor, and scrubs the bathtub. Our deep cleaning services are for the nitty gritty projects that require heavy lifting, haul away, and perhaps even a hazmat suit.

Tips For A Fresh, New Home This Spring

Wouldn’t you like a mold-free, odor-free, safe, clean house or commercial property? There are things you can do each year to ensure that home is a place you want to be.

  • Haul Away The Junk Cluttering Your Home
  • Clean & Restore Water Damaged Spaces
  • Make Needed Ceiling, Wall & Floor Repairs
  • Clean Your HVAC Air Duct System
  • Check For & Remove Mold

What’s That Smell?!

Bathrooms spring leaks, and water heaters brake down. This flooding can cause possible mold growth in deep layers of carpet or walls. Even fires can leave smoky smells.

Leak checks, repairs, and thorough cleaning by our professional disaster restoration experts can help you get rid of these unpleasant odors. We also get rid of all the foul spelling waste leftover from a rodent infestation.

California Fires Cause Damage From Afar

When smoke mixes with humidity, the combination becomes corrosive, just like second-hand smoke. This can lead to stained walls and window blinds inside your home.

Even though that forest fire was miles down the highway and is no longer burning, you may still be suffering from the damage. Let us remove those smoke and soot stains from inside your home.

We Do Junk Haul Away

Getting rid of piles of used household items, home remodel trash or dead trees and tree limbs can be a daunting task. Don’t let your property become a fire hazard, a breeding ground for pests, or a mess to look at. We can safely haul that junk away for you.

Your Monterey Source For Property Cleanup & Home Repair

There’s no need to spend another year with musty smells, stained walls, or a leaky roof. Restore your home or business inside and out. Go deep and get your spring cleaning done right this season by calling Disaster Kleenup Specialists today.

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