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It’s Allergy Season! Air Quality & Pollen Count

When it’s allergy season in Monterey, call Disaster Kleenup Specialists to help improve the pollen count and air quality in your California home. No matter how severe your seasonal allergies are, a professionally cleaned house can help you breathe easier and live more comfortably year round.

What Is Pollen?

Pollen is made up of the yellowish-green particles that plants release especially in springtime as they grow and bloom. These particles get into and irritate our eyes, nose, and sinuses.

Uncomfortable Hay Fever & Allergy Symptoms

For many people, this causes pollinosis (aka hay fever) symptoms. You might be sneezing, have watery eyes, suffer from a stuffy nose or experience sinus pressure. Pollen from weeds, grass, and trees are the most common offenders.

The Cause Of Many Common Allergies

Below are some of our local trees, grasses, and weeds that will be actively producing the stuff that makes you itch this allergy season. Different plants release their pollen at different times. Grass pollen may be high one week, but weeds will outrank it the next.

Pay attention to the allergy forecast to get the latest, most accurate pollen and mold counts for your area.

  • Weak-Leaf Burr-Ragweed
  • Large Sweet Vernal Grass
  • Coastal Sage Scrub Oak
  • Common Timothy Grass
  • California Black Oak
  • Four-Wing Saltbush
  • Polished Willow
  • Soft Brome Grass
  • Tumbling Orache

Trying To Keep Pollen Levels Low

Dusting frequently, including the hard-to-reach places, may keep the amount of pollen in your home down. Changing your HVAC and HEPA filters regularly can help filter out allergens in the air. Emptying your vacuum outside can help to keep the pollen you just cleaned up from getting back inside.

Once Pollen Is In, It’s Hard To Get Out

Despite your efforts, once that pollen is inside, it can stick around for a long time and continue to trigger allergies. When the pollen count drops outside, that doesn’t mean your allergy symptoms will go away.

Ragweed pollen and mold spores are so tiny that they can easily bypass filters whenever you crack open a window or door. Pollen also gets trapped in fabrics, like your carpets and upholstery.

Better Solutions For An Allergen-Free Home

No matter how diligently you clean, pollen will always slip through the cracks. If you’re suffering from allergies, our professionals can give you a fresh start with in-depth, professional allergy cleaning services.

Many of the services we offer can reduce the number of allergens and improve the air quality in your house.

Kick Allergies To The Curb With Professional Cleaning

Leave removing pollen and improving the air quality in your home to the professionals. Don’t suffer this allergy season and long afterward needlessly. Contact us at Disaster Kleenup Specialists today for help throughout the Monterey area.

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