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Flooded Basement? 4 Tips For Preventing Mold Damage

You’ve heard how destructive mold can be, and now you have a basement flood on your hands. At Disaster Kleenup Specialists, mold removal and basement flood repair are just two of the services we regularly provide to Californians in the Monterey and Santa Cruz, CA areas.

We’ve put together 4 tips to help you prevent mold damage in your home following a basement flood.

  1. Turn Off The Water
  2. Turn Off Any Fans
  3. Protect Personal Items & Furniture
  4. Contact A Water Damage Restoration Company

1. Turn Off The Water

Once you’ve made sure the people and pets in your home are safe, it’s time to address the water. Whether the flood is due to a broken water heater in the basement, a downstairs bathroom leak, or a broken washer, you’ll want to stop the source from continuing to flow. Turning all the water off is the safest bet until you can get a professional in to make repairs.

The longer the water runs, the more moisture you’ll need to remove and the more damage you’ll have to deal with afterward.

2. Turn Off The Fans

The first thing you might think of when it comes to flood response is those big fans. You might think that turning on the ceiling fan and any box fans in your home can help you get a start on drying things out. Unfortunately, all that circulating air can actually spread mold spores to other parts of your house.

In the right hands, professional drying and dehumidifying equipment get the job done quickly and safely.

3. Protect Personal Items & Furniture

If you’re dealing with a bathroom flood or electrical equipment in the room, it can be dangerous to wade through contaminated or electrically charged water. You also don’t want to be hurting yourself trying to lift heavy, water-logged wood and upholstery.

If it’s safe, however, try to get the valuable personal items in your basement off the floor. Your furniture is particularly vulnerable to mold damage. If possible, do your best to move all furniture out the way or lift it out of the water.

4. Contact A Water Damage Restoration Company

Did you know that a water damage restoration company can do more than just dry things out? At Disaster Kleenup Specialists, we offer a range of services to help you during and after a basement flood.

Basement Flood Cleanup In California

If you are trying to prevent mold damages after a basement flood, our team can help you. Why try to do it all yourself when we can help reduce your stress, maximize your safety, and save you time and money. We can even work with your home insurance company during the remediation and restoration process. Contact Disaster Kleenup Specialists today to schedule water damage restoration in the Monterey and Santa Cruz, CA areas.

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