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Allergy, Pollen, & Air Quality

It’s Allergy Season! Air Quality & Pollen Count

When it's allergy season in Monterey, call Disaster Kleenup Specialists to help improve the pollen count and air quality in your California home. No matter how severe your seasonal allergies are, a professionally cleaned house can help you breathe easier and live more comfortably year round. What Is Pollen? Pollen is made up of the yellowish-green particles that plants release especially in springtime as they grow and bloom. These particles get into and irritate our eyes, nose, and sinuses. Uncomfortable Hay Fever [...]

Spring Deep Cleaning

Top 5 Ultimate Deep Spring Cleaning Checklist

There doesn't have to be a natural disaster for you to need the heavy-duty spring deep cleaning services of Disaster Kleenup Specialists. We can help you clean up, repair, and restore your Monterey area home for safety and year-round satisfaction.     Spring Cleaning Like You've Never Seen We're different from a general maid that dusts the shelves, mops the floor, and scrubs the bathtub. Our deep cleaning services are for the nitty gritty projects that require heavy lifting, haul away, and perhaps even [...]

Marty Jocz Car

Community Spotlight: Martin D. Jocz

Martin D. Jocz, CR is an Entrepreneurial Consultant and President Coach at Teach and Train Inc. Marty can be contacted at A Note From Theresa Ream: Marty has been my Business Coach for the past 10 years. He has first helped me as a person to grow in confidence and new heights of development. On the business end, he has helped us set up procedures, teams, business practices and coached on hiring right, even to the point of interviewing [...]

Allergens & Irritants

Tips To Reduce Allergens & Irritants Around The Home

As your Monterey, CA cleanup experts, at Disaster Kleenup Specialists, we know that sometimes the people affected most severely after a natural disaster are those with allergies and asthma. To help you protect the people around you, we have a few tips to reduce allergens and irritants around the home after the storm, fire, or flooding dies down. Allergies After Natural Disasters Natural disasters are impossible to avoid. They disturb our homes and our environments and kick all sorts of pollutants up [...]

House Fire Tips

Top 5 Causes Of House Fires

If you’re a homeowner in and around the Monterey California region, you can rely on the services of Disaster Kleenup Specialists for a scheduled house fire repair consultation and cleaning services. During the holiday season and cold winter months, certain house fire risks are known to increase. We want to help you avoid some of the leading causes of house fires.   Common Causes Of House Fires When family and friends are gathered together, or we are spending more time indoors to escape [...]

Flood Preparation

How Do You Prepare Your Home For A Flood Disaster?

At Disaster Kleenup Specialists, we have been helping Monterey, California homeowners restore their home after flood damage for over 30 years. We want you to be prepared to protect your home from water damage before the flood comes. This is best done by identifying hazards, taking preventative actions, and in the case of an unavoidable disaster, limiting the damage after flooding has begun.   Identify Flood Hazards A flood hazard is a physical condition or situation that increases your likelihood of experiencing damage [...]

Removing Blood

How To Remove Blood Stains

Because we're in the business of restoration, repair, and cleaning up the biggest of messes, at Disaster Kleenup Specialists we know how urgent the worries behind questions like "How do I remove blood stains?" really are. You are trying to save personal belongings or your Monterey area property from permanent damage or unpleasant reminders. These tips and tricks will give you some great places to start. Ultimately, for tragedies, accidents, and larger stains, know we are here to help.   DIY [...]

Sewage Backup

Sewer Backup Prevention

Serving property owners in and around Monterey, California, Disaster Kleenup Specialists are here when you need help with sewer backup prevention. We want to help you keep your belongings and property safe from damages caused by flooding, clogged sewage drains. Don't get caught in the sludge. Take steps to prevent this messy disaster. Avoiding Sewer Backflows The best way to deal will sewer backflows is to prevent them from ever occurring. By thinking ahead you can help protect your health, safety, [...]


Can You Salvage Drywall After Smoke Damage?

At Disaster Kleenup Specialists of Monterey, CA, we can help you find answers to the common question, "Can you salvage drywall after smoke damage?" Fire and smoke react with materials in many different ways. Each one should be approached with the restoration technique that ensures the best results and future safety. We can help you determine if your drywall can be saved, and make any necessary smoke damage repairs. Smoke Is The Real Enemy While it might seem like the danger [...]

Signs Of Wind Damage

Wind Damage: What You Should Look For

As your Monterey area wind damage restoration experts, at Disaster Kleenup Specialists we want to help you with a few tips about wind damage and what to look for in order to protect your property. While we are happy to serve you, we understand how important it is to protect your home before the damage is done. Identifying potential hazards early and following a few wind damage prevention tips can save you a lot of stress and money. When Wind [...]